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5 Little-Known Mistakes Parents Make When Handling Meltdowns (and what to do instead)

You’ve read all the parenting books yet still struggle with constant meltdowns, tantrums, and outbursts...

Discover the missing piece to create a calm, happy home where everyone enjoys being together.

Here’s what you’ll discover

  • 5 Myths for handling meltdowns -- See why common advice like “be consistent,” “set firm boundaries,” “use consequences,” and “connect more” can make the meltdowns worse -- and what to do instead
  • How to eliminate meltdowns, tantrums, and outbursts using the YOU-CUE (you’ll raise a happy, confident child with the skills to self-regulate and solve problems)
  • How to create a calm, peaceful home where everyone enjoys being together using the Magic Reset Button (if you’ve tried “connecting more” yet your family still can’t stand being around each other, you’ll love this)

Who is this for?

This is for parents and caregivers who constantly deal with one of these 5 types of meltdowns:



Your child is aggressive and violent when they meltdown. You’re scared they could send you, themselves, or one of your other kids to the hospital. And you’re afraid that if you don’t get these under control, your child could end up in juvie or jail (I used to be in this group.)

You’ll learn exactly what to do and say to diffuse these meltdowns instantly using an “In-The-Moment” Plan.


The never-ending meltdowns

Your child continues to spiral out of control no matter what you say or do. They won’t use the calm-down tools you give them. They won’t self-regulate. And they won’t listen to anything you say.

You’ll discover the piece you’ve been missing that will help you finally get your child to calm down -- even if you’ve read every book and done every program out there.


The “Little fire” meltdowns

You can go long periods without a meltdown, tantrum, or outburst. Then they pop up all over the place. Your kid starts melting down over shoes, chores -- everything.

You’ll learn how to keep those meltdowns from snowballing so you can have more peace and calm in your home.


Situational Meltdowns

Your child does great when you’re around, but when they go into the world or go off to school, all heck breaks loose.

Or maybe it’s the opposite -- your child is great at school but explodes when they get home.

Either way, we’ll help you give your child the skills to understand and express themselves, so they no longer shut down or have tantrums.


Your Own Mommy Meltdown

You know it’s important to remain calm when your child has a meltdown, tantrum, or outburst. Yet reminding yourself to “stay calm” doesn’t work. You inevitably snap, then beat yourself up

You’ll see how to keep yourself calm and confident using the Stop, Breathe, Anchor technique.

Proven over 8 years with 200,000+ kids, 

Including those with ADHD, ASD, ODD, SPD, nonverbal, and every other diagnosable gift out there.

Here’s what experts say:

Natasha Daniels

Clinical Social Work and Therapist, LCSW


“I love what Dayna and Calm the Chaos teaches! In her framework, she teaches how to go beyond the outward behaviors. She talks about how to figure out what your child is communicating. And how to connect, even during those ugliest moments.”

Suzanne Tucker

Generation Mindful


“Dayna is a curator of knowledge and experiences and I trust her to deliver for you.”

Rebekka Roy

Calm the Chaos graduate, psychotherapist, RSW, MBSR teacher, Mindful Parent Coach


“I use the Calm the Chaos framework in almost everything I do.”

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, former National Board Certified teacher and best-selling author of 2 parenting books and founder of Calm the Chaos.

For the past 8 years, I’ve helped over 200,000+ parents, teachers, and therapists reduce and eliminate their kids’ meltdowns, tantrums, and outbursts.

My son used to have epic meltdowns five times a day. They were so bad he was kicked out of multiple schools.

I read every parenting book out there. And we spent thousands on therapy and advocates.

Yet nothing worked.


Then I discovered a way to combine all the best advice in a simple framework that eliminated the meltdowns completely.

My son went from epic meltdowns 5X/day to none for MONTHS at a time.

This framework has worked for thousands of kids from 2-17, including those with ADHD, ASD, SPD, and every other alphabet soup label.

You can use it to calm any meltdown, tantrum, or outburst instantly.

I’ll show you how in the free Meltdown Mastery Workshop.

What Our Students say:

"It was over as quickly as it started"

mm01 - Heidi Frank

"We made it all day without a meltdown or power struggle. I’m so happy I could cry…"

mm03 - Megan

“It worked! He stopped hitting, gave me a hug and carried on getting ready”

mm04 - Emma

“...he got ready without a meltdown...”

mm07 - Beth

"He was able to calm down and make a plan…"

“He managed to turn his day around and they created a plan for his school days for next week!

When I picked him up he had a huge smile on his face and told me "I had a really bad meltdown this morning BUT I used your Stop Breathe and Anchor like we've talked about. I was able to calm down, have lunch, and get my work done. And then make a plan for next week!" Thank you thank you thank you CTC!!”
-- Nicole M, Calm the Chaos Huddle member

“[I can now] help my child through meltdowns by not reacting myself”

mm10 - Joanne

“I can handle kids meltdowns”

mm02 - Cecilia Benitez

“Normally he flings food on the floor or slaps me… [but] he sat down and happily ate his dinner”

mm05 - Miriam

“I just prevented my son from having a meltdown!”

mm06 - Melissa

“Communicate in a calm way that doesn’t lead to a meltdown”

mm08 - Darilyn

“Such a calmer household now”

mm09 - Deb

“Life is much calmer and happier…my son has started to self-regulate …”

Shanda Faith

-Shanda Faith, Calm the Chaos graduate

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