Go From Constant Chaos to A Calm Home With A Family That Works Together, Empowers Each Other, And Enjoys Being Together

Give us 90-days, and we’ll help you:

😤 Stay calm during the most epic meltdowns, tantrums, or outbursts

⚔️ Eliminate your child’s most challenging behavior

👪 Create a family that just works

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Discover a simple 4-step framework you can use to go from:

Fighting 24/7 with your kids to having no arguments for months (you’ll forget the last time you yelled)

Epic meltdowns 5X/day to no meltdowns for months

Dreading each day to excited about the future -- because your child has the skills to stay calm, self-regulate, and grow up to be a happy, successful adult others love to be around

Proven with 1,500 families with kids aged 2-17. This framework is built for the most challenging kids. Including those who are nonverbal, have anxiety, ODD, SPD, ASD, PTSD and any other label…

...as well as kids who were kicked out of multiple schools for constant, aggressive outbursts…


Just imagine…

The fights, meltdowns, backtalk, and other issues go from happening 5X a day to once or twice a month. And when they do happen, you know exactly what to do (Parents who once judged you in those situations and say, “Wow! I can’t believe how well you handled that!)

Your kids follow routines for morning, bedtime and virtual learning with no prompting (You even walk downstairs to find they cleaned the kitchen as a gift for you)

Your kids solve problems on their own -- no more hearing “MOOOOMM!!!!” anytime you turn your back. Instead, you see kids play together, compliment each other, and solve problems on their own.

And instead, you have a calm home filled with game nights, dance parties in the kitchen, and kids giggling in the next room.

Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, founder of Calm the Chaos. Since 2013 we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of desperate parents and caregivers at the end of their rope.

If you:

  • Feel exhausted and depleted from the constant chaos
  • Believe your situation was hopeless
  • Blame yourself and feel like it’s your fault
dayna - book back - grey background - web

It’s not your fault.
There is hope.

We have a proven, battle-tested program that works for even the most challenging kids

You’ll go beyond eliminating challenging behaviors. And actually, build a family that works together, empowers each other, and enjoys being together.

Here’s how it works:

Why Calm the Chaos Works
For Even the Most Challenging Kids

Reason #1

A Simple Framework to defuse any challenging behavior

Our simple framework combines everything you know about parenting, your child, and your family.

It puts it all into easy-to-follow steps to eliminate challenging behaviors while strengthening your relationship with your kids.

And this framework grows with you. So as your child gets older and new challenges pop up, you can use this framework to handle any new challenges.

Reason #2

Uncover the root cause of challenging behaviors

All challenging behaviors are the result of an unmet need.

Your child may not know what that need is, or how to express it.

If you don’t know the root cause, the behaviors and power struggles will continue.

But once you know what’s behind their challenging behavior (and it’s more than a need for power, attention, or their diagnosis) then you can get the challenges to melt away.

Reason #3

Give your child the skills to succeed

Most parenting advice is about how to control your child’s behavior.

Usually through fear, natural consequences, firm limits, or whatever else.

But our job isn’t to merely raise compliant kids.

It’s to raise kids who can think for themselves, solve problems, have empathy for others, control their emotions, and make good choices on their own.

All this is built into our framework. So your kid will naturally develop these skills simply by following our steps. And your child will have the skills to grow into a happy, successful adult.

Reason #4

Customized to your unique child & family

Our framework is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

It takes your child’s age, diagnosis, and unique qualities into account.

So you can stop wasting YEARS trying “tips and tricks” that worked for others yet don’t work for you.

And instead, create customized plans that work for your unique family.

Reason #5

Hand-holding and support

You’ll work with experts who will:

Listen to your struggles
Work with you to create plans that work for your family
Keep tweaking and adjusting your plans until you have a family that just works.

Plus, an amazing community of parents and caregivers who “get it.” Who know what it’s like to raise a challenging kid.

You don’t have to go it alone.

You can do this with an amazing community that has your back. Doesn’t judge you. And will give you a big hug on your toughest days.

You get all this inside Calm the Chaos 4.0…


Everyone said they couldn’t help. Until Amber reached out to Dayna.

Before the Calm The Chaos program, Amber was barely surviving. 

Her son Orion would be fine at school, but the moment he got home he would explode. it was more than she could bear. Covered in bites and bruises, looking for help everywhere she could, and hearing over and over again “we can’t help you” and “we’ve never seen this before.”

Hurt, scared, and alone, Amber felt like a total failure... She knew she needed to change something, and quick.

Then, on a late-night internet crawl, Amber found a five-minute clip of The Iceberg Theory, and started the process of turning her family life around.



Calm The Chaos 4.0

A Fail-proof Road Map for Parenting Even the Most Challenging Kids

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Calm the Chaos 4.0 is an 8-week program designed to take you from barely surviving to thriving with your family.

In a world filled with overwhelming parenting tools, we focus on simple daily habits. These daily habits are small, but potent changes to incorporate overtime. Our step-by-step approach ensures you don't just add more to your plate.

Instead, you build a foundation, creating an environment where every family member thrives. Dive in, and transform your family's daily rhythms, one habit at a time.

Here's what you’ll learn inside Calm the Chaos 4.0:

  • Discover how to stay calm, even when things seem out of control.

  • Get your time back and learn to find quiet moments so you can refresh and recharge, no matter how packed your day might be.

  • Master the skill of de-escalating challenging situations so you can maintain a peaceful environment without making things worse.

  • Uncover tools to problem solve effectively - Get ahead of your biggest chaos causers and prevent problems before they happen.

  • Design systems that set the stage for consistent, collective family success.

  • Learn to create harmonious family systems so every member can flourish, and feel empowered to work together.

Here's why Calm the Chaos 4.0 is unlike anything you've experienced:


Bite-Sized Brilliance

Each week, you’ll get bite-sized, impactful lessons, all seamlessly dripped over the course of 8 weeks. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to manageable mastery.


Effortless Exploration

Navigate with ease, thanks to our user-friendly, searchable database. Your answers are always just a quick search away.


Personalized Pacing

Every family is unique, and so is every learner. This program works with your unique learning style, letting you absorb and apply insights at your own rhythm.

Your Roadmap to Calm The Chaos


Your Foundation

⭐ Diffuse and eliminate any challenging behavior with the You-CUE framework

⭐ The Calm the Chaos Roadmap to go from barely surviving to thriving as a family

⭐ How to get even the most challenging child to self-regulate, solve problems, and get along with others

Stage 1:

Your Ride the Storm Plan

⭐ What to say and do to keep you and your family safe when your child gets violent

⭐ Stay calm and connected through your child’s worst moments

⭐ Build deep trust and connection so your child calms down and listens

Stage 2:

Your 5-minute Time and Energy Plan

⭐ Recharge your battery in under 5 minutes a day

⭐ Free up 2+ hours a day (so you can nap, rest, and not feel behind)

⭐ Go from exhausted and overwhelmed to calm and confident

Stage 3:

Your In-The-Moment Plan

⭐ What to say and do to instantly diffuse any challenging behavior when it happens

⭐ Reduce overwhelm and feel confident in your parenting using “Thought Monsters”

⭐ Stay calm even when you’re exhausted (so you don’t “lose it” and make things worse

Stage 4:

Your Ahead Of The Moment Plan

⭐ What to say and do to stop challenging behaviors from happening in the first place

⭐ Find the “hidden triggers” causing your child’s meltdowns, defiance, backtalk, and more using the Behavioral Spiral.

⭐ Get your family to solve problems together using Huddles (so not everything falls on your shoulders to fix)

Stage 5:

Your Family Success Plan

⭐ Create smooth and successful routines your child is excited to follow using the YOU-CUE framework (works for mornings, bedtime, schoolwork -- anything)

⭐ Ditch the rules, punishments, consequences, and get your kids to follow directions and help around the house using value-based family systems

⭐ How to discipline your child without yelling, shaming, threats, or other methods that destroy your connection


By the end, you’ll have finished, customized plans for stages 1-5

You’ll Also Get 3-Months Free Access
To These Amazing Bonuses from Our Calm The Chaos Membership:

(Value $2397)

Coaching Access and Personal Intimate Feedback

(Value $299)


Picture this: A coaching experience so tailored that no matter where you are in the world or how erratic your schedule, we've got you covered.

⭐  Global Reach, Personal Touch: Weekly coaching calls, optimized for all time zones. You can participate without time constraints and feel connected no matter where you're located.

⭐ Flexibility At Its Best: Choose from three distinct slots every week, and effortlessly weave these sessions into your routine - without disrupting your life.

⭐ Guidance Just For You: Access dedicated Calm the Chaos coaches, and receive tailored advice. Say goodbye to guesswork, so you can reach your goals faster!

⭐  Elite Expertise: Direct access to Dayna and Jason to help you get unstuck. Tap into insights from experts that have been in the trenches and come out on the other side, so you can stay motivated to navigate any hurdle that comes your way!

24/7 Coaching and Support

(value $1500)


Never feel alone in your journey again. With our 24/7 coaching and support, you have a dedicated lifeline whenever you need. And with our unique Video Ask feature, you can get personalized advice tailored to your unique challenges—anytime, anywhere.

Here's what sets this bonus apart:

⭐ 1:1 Tailored Coaching Through Video Ask: Receive feedback and guidance tailored to your specific concerns without the pressures of real-time interactions.

⭐ Reduced Social Anxiety: Connect in a way that feels comfortable, intimate, and authentic, eliminating the stress of live calls.

⭐Always-On Support: Day or night, whenever challenges arise or doubts creep in, know that expert advice is just a click away.

Progress-Driven Accountability and Support

(value $399)

accountability (1)

Navigating family challenges? Stay laser-focused with our handpicked support tools, even if executive functioning has never been your jam or you lose focus easily. Together, we'll ensure every step is confident and purposeful.

Here's how:

⭐ Peer-Powered Pods: Share, learn, and grow with parents like you, so you keep each other accountable. In this small-group setting you’ll feel supported and understood by parents who ‘get you.’

⭐ Milestone Review Touchpoints: Realign and recharge, ensuring you're always moving (one small step at a time) towards your goals.

⭐ Real-Life Application Sessions: Hope on a call to take the strategies you learned and tailor them to your unique family.

Community Support

(value $299)


You don’t have to go it alone. Join us in this non-judgemental space to connect with other parents who ‘get you’ and have walked your path. Parents who will hold space for you, cheer for you, even cry with you.

Here, you have 24/7 access to warm hugs, non-judgemental advice and a place to set a timer making this a priceless resource that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

Plus Tools and Toolkits to Overcome any Obstacle at each stage of your journey

(Value $2496)

Craft Your Emergency Plan Workshop

(Value $499)

This plan tells you exactly what to say and do to keep yourself and your family safe during a dangerous meltdown.

If you’re worried your child will hurt themselves, their sibling, or you, this plan will help keep you and your family safe.


No Time No Problem Toolkit

(Value $499)

Feeling constantly trapped under the weight of endless to-dos?

If you're always feeling the pinch of time, stuck scrolling on social media, or sinking into the latest TV show binge, this bonus is designed just for you!


Learn how to pinpoint those 10-minute gaps in your day and transform them into powerful connection moments  with your child (or time to reconnect to yourself!).


Gain strategies to break down large tasks into manageable, bite-sized actions to avoid the paralyzing feeling of overwhelm.


Discover how to easily free up an entire hour each day, and start every morning without the impending sense of stress.

An Entire Library of Done-for-You Plans

(Value $999)

Artboard 1

Get access to 36+ proven scripts and plans to instantly diffuse almost any challenging behavior. From teen talks and bedtime battles to managing electronics and curbing aggressive meltdowns.

Plus, infuse fun into your parenting with simple skill-building activities, designed to nurture self-awareness and build self-regulation skills.

Different Parenting Styles

(Value $499)

Does the path to peaceful parenting feel like a solo journey?

Your commitment to changing your parenting approach deserves support from every corner of your household.


This bonus offers guidance on:

  • Mastering the art of having impactful conversations about parenting whether it's with your spouse, ex, or even grandparents helping you raise your out-of-the-box child.
  • A step-by-step guide on effectively communicating why this parenting method matters, so you can silence the critics, and ensuring that everyone, from teachers to grandparents, is on the same page.
  • Gain practical strategies for mutual support, so both you and your partner grow together in this beautiful journey.

Turn Theory Into Your Daily Reality

(Value $1250)

Personalized 1:1 Jumpstart and Debrief Calls

Starting is often the toughest step, but with Calm the Chaos, you won't walk alone. Dive in with a dedicated coach to pinpoint your focus, fuel motivation, and establish lasting habits.

And as you carve out your own plans, reconnect for invaluable feedback, ensuring every strategy is tailor-made for your family's unique rhythm.

🚀 Ignite Your Passion: Start with a tailored focus so you can confidently navigate your journey at Calm the Chaos without it gathering digital dust like other courses you've tried

🛠️ Refinement Session: Gain feedback from experts so you can refine your strategies, and get simple tweaks to your plans so they work for your unique family

Join Today and Get $7240 In Bonuses, PLUS an exclusive Free Gift


Your Calm the Chaos Goodie Bag

(value $199)

⭐ A motivational affirmation poster to help you harness your inner strength on the stormiest of days.

⭐ An uplifting tote bag designed not just to carry all of your essentials - like your calming tools, and fresh-off-the-press Calm the Chaos book, but also to serve as a constant reminder that,‘You’ve Got This!’

⭐ Anchor stickers that are more than just fun decorations; they're your instant reminders to stay grounded and centered, especially when you need it most.

⭐ A printed workbook, saving you from tech distractions, ink shortages, or unexpected print shop runs. Your roadmap to parenting, always at hand.


We want to help you get the support you need - and MORE. We want you to have ALL the personalized support, and the consistent nudges to integrate these plans into your daily routine.

And to make it an absolute no-brainer, you're getting the full course, 3 months of the best parts of our Calm The Chaos Membership, and every single bonus, for as little as $7439 $997.

Please know, this is your last shot at this price, and all these personalized bonuses.


Calm The Chaos Sales Page
  • ✅ Calm the Chaos Program ($997)

    👉 8 Week Online Course
    👉 Worksheets and Transcripts
    👉 Bite-sized Audio and Video Lessons
    👉 Full Roadmap and 5 Plans to go From Surviving to Thriving
    👉 20 Simple Actionable Habits to Create Lasting Change

  • ✅ Coaching, Accountability and Support ($2397)

    👉 Ongoing Support
    👉 24/7 Coaching
    👉 Accountability and Implementation
    👉 Community

  • ✅ Toolkits to Overcome Obstacles ($2496)

    👉 Emergency Workshop Plan
    👉 No Time No Problem
    👉 Library of Done For You In the Moment and Ahead of the Moment Plans
    👉 Different Parenting Styles

  • ✅ 1:1 Coaching and Done with You Plan ($1250)

  • ✅ Free Gift: CTC Goody Box & Workbook ($199)

Total value:$7,439

Limited Time Price:


* After your 3 months, your membership will renew at $97/month unless you cancel your membership.


Commonly Asked Questions


If you have any questions, give me a call at 630.337.8139. And yes, this is my real phone number. Call or text me.

I will listen to your situation and answer any questions. So you can decide whether or not this is right for you.

We understand that time is a precious resource for parents. The Calm the Chaos program is designed with busy parents in mind, offering bite-sized lessons and strategies that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. The included "No Time, No Problem" bonus will also help you manage your time more effectively, freeing up additional hours in your day.

Nope. The book is a fantastic guide - but if a book alone were enough, we wouldn’t be here right now.

Imagine trying to learn how to swim by reading a book… without ever getting in the pool, watching anyone swim, or having anyone show you how.

Eventually, you gotta get in the pool! And the CTC Program is like getting in the pool with a group of people just like you, with the coaches right by your side.Think of the book as your treasure map.

The Calm the Chaos 4.0 program It's like having a friend guide you - giving you suggestions on the best gear to pack and where the best spots are on the trail - all while making sure you don't get lost.The CTC program offers

  • masterful hand-holding

  • accountability

  • small group work and monthly meetings

  • manageable chunks of content in various formats to match your learning style preferences

Imagine having experts in your corner, helping you fine-tune your plan specifically for your family's unique dynamics. Got a hiccup, stuck spot, or a challenge? Our team of expert coaches are accessible 24/7 to troubleshoot and pivot your personalized plan, making sure you're always on the right track.

And the cherry on top: The Calm The Chaos Program is more than just a course... It’s a community of parents just like you. Parents who empathize and understand - who cheer for your victories, and uplift you during challenges. Because let’s face it, being a part of a group that truly 'gets it’ makes all the difference.

Making changes to ingrained habits and patterns can be challenging, but the Calm the Chaos program provides the supportive environment you need to explore new approaches. Our expert guidance and community of parents who have faced similar challenges will help you navigate this transition with confidence, making it easier to embrace new strategies and experience the benefits they can bring to your family dynamics.

The Calm the Chaos program includes access to expert coaching and a community of like-minded parents, giving you the support network you need to succeed. You'll be able to share your experiences, ask questions, and receive encouragement from others who understand your challenges, ensuring you never feel alone in your journey.

Calm the Chaos is different from other parenting programs as it offers a simple, customizable framework that goes beyond just eliminating challenging behaviors. It helps you build a family that works together, empowers each other, and enjoys being together. To support you in making lasting changes, the program offers coaching and community support to help you stay consistent, even during stressful periods. Our experts will work with you to tweak and adjust your plans, ensuring you stay on track and achieve lasting results for your family. With the guidance and support from our community of parents and caregivers, you'll have the resources you need to overcome past challenges and make positive changes for your family's well-being.

Calm the Chaos takes a customized approach, considering your child's age, diagnosis, and unique qualities, and has a proven track record of helping parents and caregivers with even the most challenging children. The program focuses on uncovering the root cause of challenging behaviors, giving your child the skills to succeed, and providing support through expert guidance and a community of parents who have faced similar challenges. This tailored approach increases the likelihood of success and creates a more harmonious family environment.

The Calm the Chaos program includes a bonus called "Parenting with Different Parenting Styles" to address these challenges. This bonus will teach you how to effectively communicate and collaborate with family members or co-parents, resolve conflicts, and create a consistent approach that benefits your entire family. You'll also learn how to get your spouse or co-parent on board with this new way of parenting, have difficult conversations about parenting challenges, and get others to understand why you're raising your child this way to avoid constant criticism or others undoing your hard work.

The Calm the Chaos program is an investment in your family's well-being and happiness. The program includes lifetime access to the Calm the Chaos 4.0 modules, three months of NextStep membership with expert coaching and support, and three valuable bonus programs. While the total value of the program is $7,439, it is currently available for a limited-time price of $997 when you Pay in Full ($1191 with the payment plan), making it a cost-effective solution for transforming your family life.

Try it risk-free for 30-Days

When you join Calm the Chaos 4.0, you get a full 30 days to try it out.

If you don’t see a HUGE difference in your ability to stay calm and diffuse challenging behaviors, I insist you ask for a refund.

Quotes - natasha - suzanne - sonja

Dayna Abraham, bestselling author of The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day and Sensory Processing 101, is on a mission to create a more accepting world, one challenging kid at a time.

As a National Board Certified educator, parent of three neurodivergent children, and an ADHD adult herself, Dayna brings a unique and out-of-the-box perspective to parents raising kids in the modern world. She is the founder of the popular parenting website Lemon Lime Adventures, which has accumulated more than forty-one million viewers in less than seven years.

Through her compassionate framework, Calm the Chaos, she has helped millions of desperate parents around the world, find peace and meet their children where they're at when conventional parenting tools have failed them.

With a weekly reach of more than 1.2 million people on social media, and more than two hundred thousand parents attending her Calm the Chaos free workshop, she has become a proven and trusted leader in the parenting community.

Her work has been showcased in HuffPost, Scary Mommy, BuzzFeed, ADDitude Magazine, and Positive Parenting Solutions. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her three amazing children, her husband, Jason, and two huge Newfoundland puppies, Luna and Koda.

"The school called, and for the first time, it was good news..."

Ashley Fraser

“I’m able to work through meltdowns without losing it…”


“I’m calmer and less triggered…”


“My kids are getting along so well!"

Emily Sierk

“Given me more than the therapist my son has been seeing”


“Finished our first full week of school and I’m really happy…”


"Therapist says she’s a more skillful parent"


"Made it through distance learning without a fight"


Works for 22-month-old son


“I have a framework that works for all my kids”

Vicki Brookes

“No arguments and the meltdowns have reduced...”


Her boy used to get frustrated so fast… now he comes and talks to her instead


“My kid switched gears and cleaned the whole basement for me as a surprise”


“Son stopped himself twice from spiraling into full blown meltdown…”


“We haven’t laughed and enjoyed being together like this in so long”


“Went to the children’s museum… no meltdowns like in the past”

Rachel Perillo

“Instead of epic battles, fighting and crying, kids where laughing, giggling and having a fun time...”

Amy Riordan

“He stopped screaming and used his words”



Calm The Chaos Sales Page
  • ✅ Calm the Chaos Program ($997)

    👉 8 Week Online Course
    👉 Worksheets and Transcripts
    👉 Bite-sized Audio and Video Lessons
    👉 Full Roadmap and 5 Plans to go From Surviving to Thriving
    👉 20 Simple Actionable Habits to Create Lasting Change

  • ✅ Coaching, Accountability and Support ($2397)

    👉 Ongoing Support
    👉 24/7 Coaching
    👉 Accountability and Implementation
    👉 Community

  • ✅ Toolkits to Overcome Obstacles ($2496)

    👉 Emergency Workshop Plan
    👉 No Time No Problem
    👉 Library of Done For You In the Moment and Ahead of the Moment Plans
    👉 Different Parenting Styles

  • ✅ 1:1 Coaching and Done with You Plan ($1250)

  • ✅ Free Gift: CTC Goody Box & Workbook ($199)

Total value:$7,439

Limited Time Price:


* After your 3 months, your Membership will renew at $97/month unless you cancel your membership.

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