Go from totally lost
to Calm and in Control

Discover how to go from exhausted and worn out to calm and confident in 7 days! If you’re struggling with your out-of-the-box child’s behaviors… remote learning… and the world being shut down… this is for you.

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You’ll discover:

  • How to stay calm and confident even when your child is melting down using the Thought Monster technique
  • A 4-part framework to handle any challenging behavior without losing your cool (No more yelling, repeating yourself, or “losing it” in front of your child. With this, you’ll smile and think, “I got this” no matter what your child throws at you… even if they literally throw things at you)
  • How to reduce and eliminate your child’s most challenging behaviors using the Behavioral Spiral (The meltdowns, defiance, arguments, sibling fights, and other issues will disappear because you’ll know the real reason they happen -- and how to avoid them)
  • How to create an “out-of-the-box” life so your family runs smoothly and you have more time to yourself. (You’ll see how to create a plan that works for your unique family. One that gets your kid to do their remote learning (most of it, anyway), put away electronics, follow AM and PM routines, and more.
  • How to get your child to stay calm, self-regulate, and solve problems without you (Even if your child can’t go to a restaurant without a 2-hour violent meltdown, this will help them become a peaceful, happy person others love to be around.)
  • How to get a support system of thousands of moms who will help you, cheer you on, and CELEBRATE your wins along the way -- no matter how small.

Everything you learn has been proven with the most challenging out of the box kids. It works for kids from 2-17 including kids with sensory disorder, ASD, ADHD and any other alphabet soup label you can think of.


About the host

Dayna Abraham is a multiple best-selling author and founder of the popular parenting blog Lemon Lime Adventures.

She’s a National Board Certified teacher with 13 years of experience. But she had to quit her teaching job when her “out-of-the-box” son got kicked out of one school after another due to extreme meltdowns.

After years of trying to get a handle on her son’s behaviors, Dayna created a framework that helped her and her family go from constant fights and tears to having a family that enjoys being together and where things go smoothly (most of the time, anyway.)

She taught this framework to thousands of parents, teachers, and therapists who used it to get life-changing results after every other strategy and program failed.

This framework is built to help the most extreme out-of-the-box kids…

...the ones who leave bruises and bite marks on their mom’s arms day after day… start fights constantly… have epic 2-hour meltdowns out of nowhere… and other dangerous behaviors.

It works wonders for them. But it also helps kids with more common struggles, like bedtime routines, morning routines, putting away electronics, being kind to their sibling, and more.


Praise for Calm the Chaos:

"I actually feel hopeful… it’s been a long time since I felt like that"


“So grateful for this group”

Dana speaks to fiber of parental being

"You got me hanging off every word…"

Kylie educated experienced hanging off every word

“There is hope!”

Ashley hope

“4-minute meltdown instead of 30 minutes...”

Jodi shorter meltdown

"I’ve been feeling like a failure but realize I can change this!"

Christine see why and personal needs

"I want to cry and hug you!"

Tara thank you for putting it all together

“My kiddo...has a voice”

Shantel prayer answered

“Unique, powerful, and kind… enough to transform lives, homes, and communities”

Sarah workshop transforms lives

"My kiddo...has a voice"

Michele kiddo has voice

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