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3 Secrets to Create a Family That Works

3 Secrets to Create a Family That Works

If you’ve fallen behind or missed any trainings be sure to watch this! We’ll get you caught up fast 😉

We’re going to CELEBRATE you and all the progress you’ve made!

We’re also going to cover the 3 Secrets to Create a Family That Works.

This builds on everything we’ve covered so far. So you can create a calm, peaceful home where everyone empowers each other, advocates for one another, and gets along.

Day 6 Replay: How to Help Your Family Thrive One Day at a Time

Day 6: How to Help Your Family Thrive One Day at a Time

It’s day 6 and we’ve got real life moms who are living the YouCUE Framework and here to share their experiences. Learn how you can help your family thrive one plan at a time!

Day 5 Replay: How to Create Your Family Success Plan

👣Take Action! Day 5: How to create your family success plan👣

Now that you've watched Day 5, it's time to take action!

➡What stage are you at in the Journey Roadmap?
Post your stage in the community using #MYSTAGE

This week has been designed for you to take action and start seeing results. There are a total of 3 Action Steps that we’ve shared throughout the week(Day 1, 3 & 5) . Use this form to submit your action steps for a chance to win a prize!

We will announce winners, including the grand prize winner (must do all 3 action steps!) live during our final training on Sunday, May 15th!

This is your chance to win a 1:1 Coaching Call with Dayna! Among other fun goodies!

Day 4 Replay: In The Moment Coaching Call

Day 4: Tweaking Your In The Moment Plans

It’s time for a coaching session! Join us as we review and tweak your In The Moment Plans!

Day 3 Replay: How to Diffuse Any Challenging Behavior

Take Action! Day 3: Your How to diffuse any challenging behavior in the moment

Now that you've watched Day 3, it's time to take action!

Complete your In-the-Moment plan for your biggest chaos causer.
You have a template in the worksheet
Post your a picture of your completed In-the-Moment plan in the community using #ITMPlan

Day 2 Replay: YouCUE This

Day 2: YouCUE This

Catch the replay! See how we use the framework for specific struggles, such as:

  • Hitting, kicking and destroying the house,
  • Toddlers refusing and throwing tantrums,
  • Dealing with two siblings at once,
  • Defiance whenever something didn’t go their way,
  • What to do when adults are the chaos causer…

Watch the replay now!

Day 1 Replay: How to Calm the Chaos

Take Action! Day 1: How to calm the chaos

Now that you've watched Day 1, it's time to take action!

➡️ Do the assessment in your workbook and post your scores and/or a pic of the last page of the workbook in the community using the hashtag #StartingPoint.

Welcome to 7 Days to Less Chaos!

Get ready for a calmer, more peaceful home…

…with a family that works together, empowers each other, and enjoys being together.

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Check Out the Warm-Up Series

Check out the warm-up series so you can hit the ground running once 7 Days to Less Chaos begins!

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