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Video 1: How to Remain Calm

In this video, you will learn how to stay calm, confident, and in control when your child acts out so you can work through the behavior quickly.


What would getting control of the behaviors and the chaos in your life mean for you?



Video 1: Coaching Call

Video 2: How to Stop Unwanted Behavior

In this video, you’re going to discover the Magic Reset Button. With this, you and your child will be able to calmly work through any problems that arise. You’ll also discover how to turn your kid’s struggles into superpowers. You’ll see how your child’s apparent “problems” can be turned into strengths. And how you can use them to help your child reduce bad behavior, do better in school, and take these skills into the rest of their lives.


Tell me the situation you are in and just list at least 5 strengths and 1 struggle you’ve outlined for your child. I’m going to be jumping into the comments and providing some feedback.

Video 3: The Family Success Plan

In this video, you’ll learn the core steps of the full Calm the Chaos framework. With this framework, you’ll be able to see these behaviors coming from a mile away. You’ll know exactly how to prevent them before they start. Best of all, you’ll see how to get your child to use this framework themselves. So they can self-regulate and stay calm without you.


If your child’s most difficult behaviors suddenly stopped, what would that mean for you?

Video 4: Your 90-Day Transformational Plan

Interested In Joining the Full 90 Transformational Program?