How to Reduce And Eliminate Your Child’s Meltdowns, Defiance, Extreme Aggression, And Other Difficult Behaviors In The Next 90 Days With 7 Simple Steps…

Hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers, therapists, and pediatricians use these techniques to get control of their child’s most difficult behaviors after everything else has failed...


Discover how to use this proven, step-by-step framework to:

Uncover the “hidden triggers” causing your child’s challenging behaviors

Get your child to finally follow directions while helping them feel loved and valued

Find calm down tools that actually WORK for your unique child… and give your child the skills to handle their needs and emotions on their own… so they grow into successful, independent adults.

This battle-tested framework is proven with children ages 2-17. This includes those with ADHD, anxiety, mood disorder, sensory disorder, ASD, PTSD, constant aggressive outbursts, and much more…

With it, you can go from constant stress and fighting to smiles, laughter, and cuddles on the couch...

Here’s what it’s all about...

If you’re here, then parenting isn’t going the way you planned.

For example, maybe your kiddo:

Screams “No!” anytime you ask them to do something

Won’t sit still or follow directions

Regularly erupts in uncontrollable -- even violent -- meltdowns

And it’s taken a toll on you.

You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your child because you’re afraid of the next outburst. 

Or that you can’t even go to the supermarket without a big blow-up and judgemental glares from strangers.

And there may be days you hide in your room wishing you could just disappear for a while.


You’ve tried everything to fix this. Each time you find a book or strategy, you feel a glimmer of hope that this could be the answer. But it never is. 

Nothing changes. And on top of all that, people tell you that it’s all your fault.

They say you’re not doing it right.

Or maybe they tell you that your child is broken. Or that your situation is hopeless. 

Well, that is all nonsense.

First of all, you’re a great parent. Or you wouldn’t be here.

Second of all, the only thing “broken” is the advice you’ve been given.

So much parenting advice is based on this outdated idea that the parent’s job is to give orders, and the child’s job is to follow them.

But this doesn’t always work, especially for out-of-the-box kids. And studies have proven this “My way or the highway!” style of parenting leads to poor social skills and low self-esteem in kids.

Thankfully, there is a new, simpler way to reduce and eliminate your child’s most difficult behaviors...

terrible advice

Your Child Is Crying Out For Help,
Can You Hear It?

It all comes down to two things...

First, uncover the root cause of the behavior.

After all, your child isn’t kicking and screaming because they feel fantastic.

Your child acts out because they’re having a tough time. They may be in emotional pain. Or they have a need that isn’t being met. And they don’t understand the feelings running through their little bodies or know how to handle them.


The fact is, all behavior is communication. Everything your child does is a clue to what they are thinking and feeling. They're pointing you to what they need. All you need is to do is "decode" those clues.

Once you know the root cause, you’re ready for the next piece: find a solution that fits your unique child. Something both you and your child are excited to use.

Otherwise, that calm down tool you found on Pinterest will get thrown at your head five seconds after you give it to your child. And your kid will continually ignore the rules, routines, and directions you layout.


But when you know how to uncover the core problem and find a solution that works for both of you, that’s when real change happens. You can step back as your child’s breathing slows, their shoulders loosen, and they start to do what you ask.

The big question then is, HOW do you do all this?

Especially if your child never listens, is nonverbal, or screams “I hate you!” anytime you try to help...

How to Get Your Child To Calm Down And Do What You Ask Without Bribes Or Punishments...

Over 15 years, I developed a simple step-by-step framework to reduce and eliminate difficult behaviors. Parents, teachers, and therapists have used it to:

  • Go from constant arguments to laughter and cuddles on the couch within weeks
  • Cut down aggressive behavior at school from 50 incidents a month to just 3 in that same time
  • Get their children to turn off electronics, transition from one activity to the next, get ready for school, and even do homework -- all without arguing or backtalk

With this framework, you can stop any difficult behavior in its tracks. And even keep those behaviors from popping up in the first place. 


But that’s not even the best part…

The more you use this framework, the more your child learns how to use it themselves.

That means they will discover how to handle problems on their own! So they can self-regulate and take care of issues without you -- and grow into a happy, independent adult.

Now, I want to show you can get results like that in the next 90 days.

Like Amy Shaw, whose daughter melted down every time Amy tried to leave the house. After a few weeks of using the framework, Amy’s daughter began to smile and hug her goodbye -- instead of throwing coffee cups across the room. 

Or Gayle Wood, whose 3-year-old Autistic son has ADHD, and anxiety. He was kicked out of daycare due to his aggressive outbursts. 

But using the Calm the Chaos framework, her son learned to share what was bothering him. Now when he’s struggling, he walks up to his mom and asks if they can talk -- instead of punching and kicking everyone in sight.

Or Tamara Morgan, who had epic shouting matches with her ten-year-old every morning and night. Using this framework, they created a plan that has ended the daily battles. Now the time they used to spend yelling at each other is spent playing games, connecting, and snuggling on the couch in front of a movie together.


A Simple, Easy-To-Follow Plan
Proven With The Most Challenging, Out-Of-The-Box Kids
(And Works Wonders For Other Kiddos, Too)

Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, author of the bestselling books Superkids Activity Guide and Sensory Processing 101. I’m also the founder of the parenting blog Lemon Lime Adventures, which gets over 3 million visitors a year.

I spent over 13 years as a teacher. And for the past 5 years, I’ve helped over 200,000+ parents, teachers, therapists, and pediatricians get control of their child’s most difficult behaviors using the Calm the Chaos framework.

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Lemon Lime Adventures

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I created this framework because my son -- who was diagnosed with gifts that include autism, SPD, ADHD and anxiety -- used to have 3-5 epic meltdowns a day. I even had to remove him from school because his meltdowns were so bad. 

I read every book I could find to try to help him. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapists and advocates. And I tried every calm-down tool out there.

But nothing worked.

It felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall and praying something would stick.

After many years, I discovered a step-by-step framework to uncover the root cause of my son’s meltdowns. Then, find a solution that made us both happy. Because it took his unique problems, triggers, needs and preferences into account. 

The result? The meltdowns went from multiple times a day to him not having any for months at a time.

And when the meltdowns did happen, they were less intense and over much faster.

But that’s not all. 




I wanted to see if this system would work for my other children’s difficult behaviors.

I wanted to see if I could use it to get my children to stop fighting... to transition from one activity to the next without a fight or backtalk... and do chores without me having to repeat myself a thousand times. 

And it worked! 

This framework took my family from constant stress to enjoying being around each other.

Now, we can play Monopoly as a family in the living room without anyone getting hit with the game board because “things aren’t fair”.


And I no longer have to watch over my son 24/7.

So I have time for things like coffee with friends or date night with my husband.

Over the past five years, hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers, therapists, and pediatricians have turned to the techniques in this framework.

They’ve used them with all types of neurodiverse kids. Including those with ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, autism, sensory disorder, a mood disorder, nonverbal and a collection of other diagnosable gifts.

And they’ve used them with neurotypical kids who struggled with simple kid stuff -- like cleaning their room and doing homework.

And they all saw results.


The fights, defiance, meltdowns, and other challenging behavior began to melt away. They went from happening multiple times a day to a few times a month -- or less. 

Now before I show you the step-by-step framework, I want to take you behind the curtain and show you the “secret sauce” that makes it so powerful. This alone can change the way you approach parenting forever…

jpaint shanda penny
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The “Secret Ingredients” To Create
Rapid Behavior Change
With Your Child

As I said, the key to changing your child’s behavior comes down to uncovering the root cause of the problem, then finding a solution you’re both excited to use.

Doing this requires four key things: 

First is connection. The more connected you and your child are, the easier it will be to get them to do what you ask. And you’ll have a much easier time working with them to figure out what’s causing their difficult behavior.

Second is understanding. If you don’t understand why a problem pops up, how can you expect to fix it? 


The third is empowerment. Nobody likes to be bossed around, not even kids. But if you give them a say in how to solve the problem, you’ll be able to walk away and watch your child thrive without having to hover over them.

Empowerment is also the key to getting your child to self-regulate and take care of their needs and problems on their own. So you don’t have to swoop in to help anytime they’re upset. And they can grow into happy, independent adults. 

Like Jess Flynn, who’s son had 50 occurrences of aggressive behavior in school in a month. But after using the framework, he had just 3 in that same timeframe. 

Even better, he learned to use the framework on his own! There was one day Jess heard her son and daughter arguing over a video game. 

Normally, this would lead to a fight. But this time, her children used the framework to solve the problem all on their own. By the time Jess walked in, they had big smiles on their faces.


And the final piece is YOU. More specifically, in helping you stay calm and in-control when things go sideways. Because if you’re frazzled, it will only make the situation worse.


Each of these elements is extremely powerful on their own. Together, you can reduce and eliminate any challenging behavior while helping your child succeed on their own.

The trick is understanding how to apply each of those pieces to your unique situation.

Each of these elements is extremely powerful on their own. Together, you can reduce and eliminate any challenging behavior while helping your child succeed on their own.

The trick is understanding how to apply each of those pieces to your unique situation.

clipboard A 6

For example, do you know:

What are the best ways to connect with your child? So they come to you when there is a problem…and they work with you to solve it?

How can you quickly uncover the root cause of your child’s difficult behavior? So you can know exactly what to say or do so they calm down fast… or even stop this problem before it starts?

How can you stay calm and in-control when your child is flying off the handle?

And how can you teach your child to do all this on their own? So they can spot and avoid their triggers and even handle problems without you?

Now, you can spend YEARS figuring all this out on your own as I did. You can comb through the blogs, the Pinterest posts, the books… and try to apply this information to your unique situation...

Or, you can follow a proven, 7-step framework that integrates all of these pieces for you.

One that’s so easy to follow it’s impossible to fail. 

And one that can help you see a dramatic transformation within 90 days. 

Well, that’s exactly what I have for you today...


Introducing Calm the Chaos:

The world’s first 90-day transformation program
to reduce and eliminate any unwanted behavior -- while bringing you
and your family closer together

  • Backed by 34+ research studies on psychology and child development
  • Tested and proven with hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers, and therapists 
  • Proven with the most hard-to-manage children from 2-18 years old. Including those with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, mood disorder, sensory disorder, constant aggressive outbursts and more...

The Calm the Chaos framework walks you step-by-step to connect with your child, understand their problem, and empower them to create a solution you’re both excited to use. So you can quickly put an end to meltdowns, defiance, and other issues that plague your days.

The framework guides you to uncover the “hidden triggers” that cause your child’s unwanted behavior.

You’ll discover the exact words, phrases, and calm down tools that work for your unique child when they’re losing it. So you can quickly defuse the situation without any punches or markers being thrown.

And you’ll discover how to create plans and routines to stop those arguments, meltdowns, defiance and everything else from happening in the first place.

Best of all, because it's a repeatable, step-by-step process you can use it with any child and any difficult behavior.

And your child will even learn to use it. They will learn how to identify what’s causing their struggles and create a solution to take care of themselves. 

Every piece of the program is backed by research. In total, there are over 35 studies that prove all the strategies and practices taught in the program work.

Here’s what past graduates have to say:

shanda irina shelly

The 7-steps of the framework are broken down into 7 different modules.

Let me walk you through them now.

Module 01:

Your Foundation

This is all about you. You’ll discover how to handle meltdowns, defiance, and other stressful situations with confidence. Instead of getting frustrated when problems start, you’ll stay calm and feel like, “I got this.”

You’ll discover:

  • How to stay calm, cool, and in-control when your child is losing it using the “thought monster” strategy 
  • How to use “Sentence Starters” to quickly diffuse any tension and get your child to start calming down (no more embarrassing fights in public!)
  • How to balance the needs of your superkid with other children and yourself. So you can have time to recharge, reconnect with things and people you love, and even have date nights again

This step is crucial. It will give you the clarity and confidence to move forward and make real change. 

Once you’re calm and in-control, you’ll be able to quickly move on to module two...

Module 2

Your Connection Plan

This is where you and your child will go from butting heads to seeing yourselves as on the same team. This will make it much easier to get your child to do what you ask. And you’ll feel more love for one another and create more positive memories together.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use ‘The Magic Reset Button’ to put an end to fights and arguments. With this, disagreements that used to lead to shouting and eye rolls will now quickly end with hugs and solutions that make everyone happy.
  • How to turn your child’s struggles into superpowers! You’ll see how “problem” behaviors like defiance, hyperactivity, and anything else can be used as an advantage. And become a springboard for creating connection, getting your child to do what you ask, and help them grow up to become a happy adult.
  • How to create Family Huddles, so your child comes to you when they have a problem instead of throwing a fit.
  • Your Family Success Plan -- This is a single document we help you create that lists all your child’s unique triggers, the best way to respond to them, how they like to connect and calm down, and how you can phrase things so your child follows the rules you set out.
    (One of the best parts about this is it gets your entire family to work together to solve your child’s biggest problems. We show you how to celebrate wins together, create a team name, and other steps that make solving behavior problems fun for your child.)

The more connected you are, the easier it will be to work with them and uncover the root cause of their difficult behavior. And that brings us to the next module...

Module 3:


Here, you’ll uncover the hidden cause of your child’s behavior. No more feeling baffled by their actions. No more guessing what they want. You’ll know exactly what’s going on when your child acts out. 

You’ll discover:

  • How to find the “Hidden triggers” causing your child’s meltdowns, defiance, backtalk, and more using the Behavioral Spiral (using this you can spot patterns, and root causes even trained therapists miss…)
  • The Circle of Awesome: A 6-step system to stop any unwanted behavior before it starts (you can repeat this over and over to reduce and eliminate everything from meltdowns to hitting to not putting away electronics or not doing homework.)
  • The 6 causes of all unwanted behavior -- and how to quickly see which one is causing your child to act out 

After this, you’ll be an expert at “decoding” your child’s behavior. So you’ll know exactly what they need to stay calm, safe, and happy.

Then, you’ll be ready for module 4...

Module 4:

Your Toolbox For Success

This is everything you do, say, and give to your child to help them stay calm in stressful situations. Outbursts, arguments, violence and other tough behaviors that used to go on for hours will now pass in a few quick minutes -- or you’ll avoid it entirely.

You’ll discover:

  • The best 3-4 calm down tools for your unique child (plus, a list of all the tools you’ll ever need…)
  • A 4-step system to get your child to use the tools and strategies you give them. So next time they’re about to erupt, they know to put on their headphones, ask for a snack, or whatever your plan for staying calm may be
  • The “3B Calm Down System” to get your child to calm down in the moment

No more scouring the internet for the next tool or tactic, you’ll know the few that work for your unique child. Best of all, you and your child will both know how to use them to stop bad behavior before it starts. 

These changes can stick for years to come. Your child will know how to stay calm without your prompting or hovering over them.

Module 5:

Your Plan

Here, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to create plans and routines your child will actually stick to. So you can kick back while your kid packs their own lunch, cleans their room, and gets ready for bed all on their own.

This is everything you do to keep your family running smoothly. Day after day.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3-steps to create routines your child is excited to follow. Including the Miracle Morning Routine to get your child dressed and ready for school without any help
  • How to avoid “transition meltdown” and get your child to go from one activity to the next smoothly -- even if nothing else you’ve tried has worked
  • How to plant “action clues” in your child’s mind…. so they know exactly what to do each afternoon, and night without you repeating directions like a broken record
Module 6:


This is where you will empower your Superkid to be successful and independent. You will see how to take everything you’ve gathered up to this point and teach your child how to use this framework themselves. So they can handle stress and frustration on their own.

You’ll discover:

  • The secret to Instant Cooperation -- Discover the key to giving clear directions that are followed the first time -- without constant back and forth
  • How to use the RC Protocol get your child to actually use the calm down tools and follow the routines and plans you give them -- even if you’re not around (no more worrying the school will call you and say your child is causing problems again...)

The 1:1:1 technique to solve any unwanted behavior with one phrase, one action, and one tool

Module 7:


This is where you learn how to swiftly handle new troubling or baffling behaviors that pop up. So each day with your family can be better than the last.

You’ll discover:

  • How to use Your Family Success Plan to quickly squash any new unwanted behaviors that creep in (as your child grows you may find it harder to get them to do homework or not talk back -- this will keep those problems from bubbling up)
  • The key to managing meltdowns from multiple kids simultaneously (even if neither kid has self-regulation or independent play skills)
  • How to get parents, teachers, and other important adults to work as a team and help your child (even if some of those people are working against your child’s needs at the moment)

How The Program Works


The Calm the Chaos 90-Day Transformation program consists of over 8 hours of training. Here, you’ll learn every piece of the Calm the Chaos framework. 

The training is broken down into seven different modules. These are released weekly. 

The modules are broken down into short 5-10 minute lessons. So you can quickly get what you need.

And all the lessons come with a simple “Next Action” exercise. There are 35 of these in total. They show you exactly how to apply what you just learned so you can get results fast.

Go Through At Your Own Pace

When you join Calm the Chaos, you get access to all these modules for life. So you can go through at your own pace. And come back to the lessons anytime you need a refresher.

The lessons are all available in video, audio, and downloadable transcripts. So no matter how you like to learn, we've got you covered. 

And you can access the full program on your phone. So if you want to listen to the course while driving or doing dishes, you can. 



Now I know how hard this can be on your own. Especially when you feel like nobody can possibly understand your unique situation because it’s just so bad. 

But don’t worry, you won’t have to do this alone anymore.

The fact is, there is an army of people out there who will understand and support you.

You’ll meet them inside our special online community...

You Get Help And Support
Every Step of the Way

When you join Calm the Chaos, you will get instant, lifetime access to the Calm the Chaos Community.

This is a private forum where you can ask questions and connect with other Calm the Chaos students.

During the 90-Day Transformation program, my coaches and I will be in there every day to answer your questions and give extra support.

We will still stay active after the 90 days. But we’re going to be “all-hands-on-deck” helping you those first three months. 


Our online community is also where you get access to our popular “10 in 10 series”.

These are new videos I create almost every day. In these videos, I address the biggest challenges our Calm the Chaos students face and how to overcome them quickly. 

The videos are only 10 minutes long. They can help you shortcut your learning curve and get results even faster.


Plus, Free Coaching Calls
For 90 Days...


As you go through the program, you may have questions or get stuck.

That’s why I hold weekly live coaching calls during the 90-day Calm the Chaos transformation program.

You get twelve of these in total. On them, you can ask me anything you want about the framework, your child’s behaviors, or whatever else. And I’ll help you work through any challenge you may have.

I'm going to be with you every single step of the way. In fact, our members will tell you I'm a little bit obsessive when it comes to helping our members get results.   

Now You Can Learn And Apply
The Full Framework
In An Afternoon!

Finally, you may be afraid this will be yet another program you never use.

To prevent that, we’ve added “Finish Strong Coaching.”

This includes videos you can “binge watch” that help you learn and apply the full framework in an afternoon! 

Our students love this. Because it’s a chance to quickly get caught up if they fall behind.

You’ll also get weekly accountability calls and emails from our coaches, along with simple checklists that lay out your next steps. So you always know the simple, tiny action you can take to move forward.

Recap of what you get in the course

☑️ 7 modules with 8+ hours of training
☑️ Video, audio, and written transcripts available for all lessons
☑️ Lifetime access to all trainings
☑️ 35 “Next Action” exercises to help you get fast results easily
☑️ Lifetime access to a supportive community
☑️ Finish Strong coaching program
☑️ 12 group coaching calls with Dayna over 90 days

Join Today And Get $1,594 In Bonuses, Free!

Now, I want to make sure you don’t have to spend another second searching for help online. Or end up spending thousands of dollars over the years on books and programs.

So I’ve included seven bonuses you can have free. This way, you can have everything you need for the next 5, 10, even 20 years.

Several of these are complete courses in themselves. They can help you see dramatic results within just a few days.

Let’s go over them now. 

Bonus #1: No Time… No Problem Bundle ($497 value)

The first thing you get in this bundle is the Time Hacker Formula. These are secrets I discovered from successful entrepreneurs that can help you save an hour a day or more.

This formula is how I was able to start this business while homeschooling, raising three kids, and rushing off to therapy appointments, ballet classes, and a million other things.

It can help you free up an extra hour each day at least.

Next, you’ll get our special training: 3 Days To Find Your Mojo. If you ever feel hopeless or lose motivation, you’ll love this. In it, you’ll learn the Spa Method to go from stressed to refreshed and motivated in under five minutes.

The final piece of this bundle is our popular training called 3 Days To Crush Overwhelm. If you feel like you’re drowning in things to do, this will be your life raft. You’ll discover the “3 S” method to clear your mind and feel energized and confident again.

Bonus #2: The Crisis Survival Kit (Value $299) 

If you’re losing your mind due to quarantine, you’ll love this. 

This training helps you stay calm and cool in the toughest situations. And it shows how you can turn crisis situations upside down to go from “barely surviving” to thriving as a family -- with less screaming and fights and a lot more laughter and hugs. 

This training can help you with specific challenges brought on by today’s crisis. Problems like:

  • How to homeschool your kiddo
  • How to keep them busy so you can get things done -- even if they’re super clingy
  • How to end fights over electronics, bathtime, etc.

And much more.

Bonus #3: The Routine Cure ($49 Value) 

Discover how to create morning and nighttime routines your out-of-the-box kid is excited to follow. So you can start and end your day having time for yourself. (Remember those quiet moments alone? You can get them back.)

Bonus #4: Get Your Spouse On Board ($999 value)

Discover the proven techniques Calm the Chaos members used to get their husbands, grandmothers, teachers and more to buy into this framework. You’ll even find out how to get those people to use it themselves!

This isn’t theory. You’ll hear real stories of exactly what people said and did to get others on their side. 

For example, you’ll learn how one mom used this same strategy to get her son’s caregiver on board. So she could finally leave the house without fear of the aggressive outbursts that would happen when she left.

This bonus training includes a playbook on how to tame tantrums and meltdowns like a pro. You can hand it to the other adults in your life, and they’ll know the exact phrases to use to help calm `your unique child.

“My husband actually read the whole workbook…”

quote amy silverthorn

Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Finally, if you want to build connection, uncover the root cause of your child’s challenging behavior, and find a solution they’re excited to use as fast as possible, you’ll love this...

Bonus #5: Calm the Chaos Fast-Track Training ($49)

These are seven ten minute videos that show you exactly how to apply the full framework in the moment when your child is screaming, hitting, or refusing to listen. So they quickly become calm and are willing to do what you ask. 

Framework at a glance in under an hour? Yes Please!

This is also a fantastic way to get your husband, grandmother, or whoever else to learn the framework. Because they can get through the full series in under an hour. And each video comes with a simple action step. So they’ll know exactly what to do and say to deepen connection, understand your child’s struggle, and empower them to quickly solve their problems.

This is also a wonderful safety net. Because you’ll learn a few techniques and phrases you can fall back on when you’re frazzled and don’t know what to do.

Proven With The Most Aggressive,
Defiant, Difficult Superkids…

Below are stories from three Calm the Chaos graduates. These heartwarming stories show you the transformation you can have with this program.

WARNING: These videos may make your cry...


Meet Anna, who spent so much time and money trying to find the perfect tools for her toolbox only to have her son get even angrier when she tried to use them.

She discovered that the tool her son wanted most was her close by with no words at all. He just wanted to be heard. Once she discovered this, getting out the door for school wasn’t an epic battle anymore. They had their unique toolbox that worked for them.


Meet Kaylene, who was told by doctors her son would never learn to communicate, manage his emotions, or live on his own. Every day she was “walking on eggshells” in fear he would hurt a sibling.

With 5 kids in the home, Kaylene blamed herself and tried “all the things” on Pinterest and blog posts only to have them fail miserably.

It wasn’t until she started to focus on connection by getting down on her son’s level and accepting him for who he was. She realized neither her son nor her parenting was the problem.

Once they started connecting… his communication blossomed into something far beyond just words…

What Therapists, Psychologists, And Other Experts
Say About Dayna And Calm the Chaos

Quotes - natasha - suzanne - sonja

“Since starting Calm the Chaos
the bond my [children] have made is tremendous”

Kaitlin Stratemeier

former teacher and Calm the Chaos graduate


Who Is Calm the Chaos For?

We work with parents, teachers, and therapists dealing with children of all ages. And various behaviors such as backtalk, sibling rivalry, lying and crying. As well as more dangerous and worrisome behaviors like physical aggression and outright defiance. 

We’ve seen members from all over the world use the framework with neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

Because remember… Calm the Chaos is designed to work WITH your unique family design and needs in mind. 

So if you are a stay-at-home mom, a dad, a single parent, a working mom, a teacher, or a professional and you want to create a more empowered relationship with your child, students, or clients then Calm the Chaos is for you.

“Went to the children’s museum… no meltdowns like in the past”

quote rachel perillo

Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Who Is Calm the Chaos Not For?

This program isn’t for someone who is looking for an instant fix. 

You can’t magically create a thriving relationship with your child in thirty seconds.

Sure, some kids are easier than others to parent. But the truth is, creating a relationship based on love, empathy, and empowerment is going to take commitment. 

You have to be intentional about it. And continue to foster your relationship to make it last for years to come. 

Calm the Chaos is for people committed to making changes. They realize that it’s not about magically transforming overnight. 

It’s about progress, not perfection. About making each day better than the one before. 

Also, if you are the type of parent who wants to rule with an iron fist, this is not for you. 

Calm the Chaos is about involving your kids and empowering them to be the superkids they already are. 

Now, you might be wondering..

How Much Time Will It Take?

Well first off, you’re actually saving a ton of time. Because you won’t need to scour the internet for help anymore, or get sucked into daily battles.

I mean, think about how much time you spend in arguments, meltdowns, or repeating yourself. What does that add up to? A half hour a day? Two hours? More?

With this framework, those fights and struggles that suck up your time will soon disappear. Which can free up a ton of time.

As far as going through the program, that varies for everyone. 

In general, our members spend 10-20 minutes a day on this. Or 1 to 2 hours a week.

As far as implementation, all it takes is five minutes here and there. Remember we give you simple action steps with each lesson. So it makes this super easy.

And really, the action steps are things most parents enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel more love and connection with their child? That’s what this whole framework is based around.

“I can’t remember the last time my family
had such a relaxing afternoon…”

quote shelley whitaker walton

“I now have a framework that works!”

quote vicki brookes

“Normally there would be epic battles…
but things were calm and in-control”

Amy Riordan

Join Calm The Chaos For 50% Less
Than What Others Paid...

Now you may be wondering what the course will cost. 

And I’ve got great news.

You don’t have to do what I did and go to expensive therapists and doctors. Those ended up costing $12,000 in one year. And my son’s day-to-day behavior pretty much stayed the same.

And you won’t have to waste time and money figuring it out by yourself.

Spending $20, here, $10 there. Not to mention the hours you spend looking up new tools instead of enjoying game night with your kids.

Only to find tools that don’t work. Because you’re only getting a piece of the puzzle, not solving the whole thing. 

That being said, Calm the Chaos isn’t cheap.

But you and your child don’t deserve a cheap program. You deserve the best.

And that’s what this is. It’s a world-class, step-by-step design complete with coaching and fresh new trainings every month. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to charge $2,000 like I’ve seen elsewhere.

You won’t even have to pay $1,000. Which is what we charged when we taught a few pieces of the system over a live, 3-day workshop.

Or $700.

If you join Calm the Chaos today, you can get the entire program and $6,988 in bonuses for only $499.

And if money is tight, we offer a 6-month payment plan. 

So you can join today for only $99.

That breaks down to only $3.30 a day. That’s even less than a fast-food meal.

$3.30 a day for six months to win back your time, confidence, get control of your child’s bad behavior, and finally have the family life you’ve always dreamed of.

You Are Just Moments Away From Gaining Access to EVERYTHING You Need When You Join The CALM THE CHAOS Program


7-Step Calm the Chaos Framework Trainings ($1999 Value)

  • 7  Core Modules: delivered weekly to reduce overwhelm. Each module will contain bite-sized video lessons that will make it easy to break down the entire framework step-by-step. 
  • Transcripts, Audio, and Lesson Summaries: So that you can learn on the go, it will be easy to digest the information, and you can learn in whatever style works for you.
  • Workbooks with action steps: Each lesson comes with a printable action guide so you always know what step is next.

Calm the Chaos Community ($999 value)

  • Get access to 3 months of intensive support from me, the coaches, and Calm the Chaos ambassadors. We’ll answer any questions and help you make progress day after day.
  • Join hundreds of other parents, teachers, and therapists from all over the world for 12 months. So that you have a support system as you implement the new strategies you are learning. 
  • Access exclusive new trainings every day.

Finish Strong Coaching ($999)

  • Overcome overwhelm, self-doubt, and guilt with a proven system that will get you unstuck. So you absorb the material and move forward by leaps and bounds no matter what.

12 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Dayna ($1999 Value)

  • Weekly Coaching Q&A Calls: Each Thursday at Noon Central Time, we will get together on a LIVE 30 minute call and go over any question that is keeping you stuck 

Bonus #1: No Time.. No Problem Bundle ($497 Value)

  • Our patented Time Hacker Formula Training that can save you 1 hour or more a day
  • 3 Days to Find Your Mojo Training
  • 3 Days to Overcome Overwhelm Training

Bonus #2: The Crisis Survival Kit training ($299 value)

This training can help you with specific challenges brought on by today’s crisis. Problems like:

  • How to homeschool your kiddo
  • How to keep them busy so you can get things done -- even if they’re super clingy
  • How to end fights over electronics, bath time, etc.

Bonus #3: The Routine Cure ($49 value)

Discover how to create morning and nighttime routines your out-of-the-box kid is excited to follow. So you can start and end your day having time for yourself. (Remember those quiet moments alone? You can get them back.)

Bonus #4: Get Your Spouse Onboard ($999 value)

  • Get your spouse, teachers and babysitters and even your mother-in-law on board with easy to follow step-by-step guides and trainings on how to handle tantrums and meltdowns like a pro and go-to resources that will make explaining your Superkid simple and effortless. 

Bonus #5: Calm the Chaos Fast Track training ($49 value)

1 hour training shows you exactly what to do and say in the moment to get your child to quickly calm down and do what you ask while using the full Calm the Chaos framework.



Regular Price: $1,999

Get Started Today For As Low As:


Choose Your Enrollment Option:

12 Payments of $49

Pay in Full to SAVE 16% Today!

Best Value

Just ONE Payment of

$499 USD

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Most Flexible

Just SIX Payments of

$99 USD


Payment methods accepted

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


“No major meltdowns!...”

Amy Kesler

Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

If You Don’t Love It
You’ll Get Your Money Back

Money Back

When you join Calm the Chaos, you get a full 90 days to try it out. 

Watch the videos, use the guides, follow the steps...

You’ll likely see results within that first week. Less meltdowns, backtalk, defiance, aggression…

But if you decide the program isn’t foryou, that’s fine. We’ll offer you a full refund.

I do this because I’ve seen it work for so many people that I know it can work for you.You have nothing to lose.

The bottom line is that I want to see you successful. And I want to see you have the success that we've had in our family. 

Enrollment Closes Soon...

Okay if you’re ready to join, I recommend you don’t hesitate, and do so now.

Our enrollment window is only open for a few days. Once it’s over, the doors will close and you won’t be able to join for several months.

I do this because the group coaching calls will kickoff soon. And we want everyone who joins to go through the steps together. That way everyone gets as much support and help as possible.

My coaches and I will be all-hands-on-deck for the next few months helping everyone who joins have success. 

So the deadline to register is March 27th at 11:59 pacific standard time.

Go from Surviving to Thriving Starting Today!

You can continue with the way things are.

Enduring the daily battles. 

Doing your best only to be met with whining, defiance, and uncontrollable meltdowns.

As your energy, health, confidence, even relationships deteriorate from the stress.

Or, you can choose a new path.

You can take control and finally create the family life you used to dream about.

Mornings filled with laughter and hugs, days where your children help with chores and play happily with each other, and time to enjoy coffee dates with friends. 

If that’s what you want, join me in the Calm the Chaos Program today.

Click the button you see on this page to get started.  I can’t wait to help you enjoy parenting again!

7 Core Calm the Chaos Modules $1,999

Weekly Group Coaching Calls $1,999

Calm the Chaos Online Community $999

Finish Strong Coaching $999

Daily 10in10 lessons

Bonus #1: No Time...No Problem $497

Bonus #2: The Crisis Survival Kit $299

Bonus #3: The Routine Cure $49

Bonus #4: Get Your Spouse One Board $999

Bonus #5: Calm the Chaos Fast Track Training $49


6 Monthly Payments of

$99 USD

for the Calm The Chaos Program

Save $95 USD - Pay in Full 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. We're happy to help!

You can learn and apply the framework in just 10 minutes a day. 

And once you use it, it will save you HOURS every week.

Just think of all the time you spend in arguments, handling meltdowns, trying to get your kiddo out the door, etc. 

With Calm the Chaos, those struggles will lessen and even disappear entirely. So the hours you spend in battles will become free time you can enjoy. (Crazy, I know. But that’s what happens!) 

I’m very involved.

For example: 

  • You’ll see me on our weekly coaching calls, where you can ask me whatever questions you’d like…
  • I post free bonus lessons almost every day in the members-only Facebook group…
  • I send you weekly accountability emails to help you stay on track...
  • And my team and I are in the private Facebook group every day answering questions, giving advice, and celebrating your wins.

Honestly, you might get a little sick of me 🙂

Calm the Chaos is basically my 4th baby. So I’m in there every day giving everyone as much care and love as I can.

One of the surprise bonus trainings I created for Calm the Chaos members

The group coaching calls will be every Thursday at 12PMCST for 12-weeks. The first one starts next week!

If you fall behind, no problem. 

You can go through Calm the Chaos at your own pace. You have access to the trainings and the community for life. So if things get in the way, don’t worry. The trainings and community will be here when you’re ready.

And if you miss one or all of the coaching calls, no problem. We record each one. So you can listen to the replays and get caught up fast.

After 90-days the weekly group coaching calls will end.

However, you will still have access to the Calm the Chaos trainings as well as the private community.  

You get access to both the trainings and community for life. So you can continue to get feedback and support from me, our coaches, and other parents, teachers, and professionals.

If your kid “isn’t that bad,” great! That means you’ll get results even faster.

We’ve had hundreds of parents and teachers use this for simple problems like backtalk, getting their child to follow directions, and getting their child to do chores or stick to routines. 

It works wonders for simple, everyday behavior. And the framework brings you and your family closer together.

As your child gets older, new problems may arise. If that happens, you’ll love having this framework already in place. Because it will let you handle those issues fast and without drama.

This framework was built for you.

I created Calm the Chaos to help the most difficult, aggressive kids. Including my own son who had epic meltdowns 3-5 times a day -- but now goes months without a single problem.

It’s helped children as young as 3 go from multiple violent outbursts every day to going weeks without a single incident. Including children gifted with ADHD, SPD, autism and a thousand other things. 

Just check out some of the stories above, and you’ll see this works wonders for super aggressive kiddos.

A lot of the advice out there only gives you cookie-cutter solutions. They don’t address the root cause of your child’s problem. And they don’t take your child’s specific triggers, needs, and unique preferences into account.

Calm the Chaos is different.

It shows you how to uncover the root cause of your child’s behavior. And how to quickly solve this problem in a way that not only works for you and your unique child but is something you’re both excited to use.

And we do it through a step-by-step system. You’re not just going to learn random tactics. You see how it all fits together.

Yes. If you use the framework but don’t see a massive improvement in your child’s behavior within 90 days, email us for a full refund.