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Calm The Chaos Livecast

Here are the details of the NEW Bonuses you get when you enroll during today's Calm The Chaos Livecast... 

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Be The Bean Training

Calm The Chaos Coach, #lemonpickle, shows you how to be mindful, show up and change your mindset in the middle of the chaos all around you. 

Value: $47

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6 Simple Strategies for Accepting your Out-of-the-Box Child

What does it mean to be in a place of acceptance of who your child is? How do you reach that place? This training shows exactly the 6 steps to get there! 

Value: $97


Calm The Chaos Quickstart Training

Join Calm The Chaos Connection Coach, Jess Flynn, For an intimate training on how to implement the framework in a jiffy. 

Value: $97


Stepfamilies that Make it!

This course will walk you through a step by step process on creating values, character traits and life skills.  Holy Life Prep Batman! 

Value: $79



If your child has trouble focusing, tons of energy, or difficulty transitioning between different places...Compulsion, self harming, meltdowns, or anger streaks...Then this one's for you!

This Sensory Mesh Swing is perfect for both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding kids. Just 5 minutes of spinning can calm an energetic sensory seeker for up to 4 hours! Sensory avoiders can gently rock back-and-forth to instantly relax and melt away anxiety.

Value: $60


How to Advocate for your kid In School Training

3 steps you can do for yourself, your kiddos, and their teachers to help everyone get back on the same page when your kids head back to school! 

Value: $99


How to Implement the Framework with Your Autistic Child

Tips from Calm the Chaos Coach that walks you through every strategy she uses with her autistic children!!!

Value: $47


Calm The Chaos Emergency Kit

Here are the details of the NEW Bonuses you get when you enroll during today's Calm The Chaos Sneak Peek... 

Emergency Survival Kit

This is everything you need before, during, and after a meltdown. While handling difficult behaviors in the moment isn't where the teaching happens... it never fails... you still need backup.

($999 Value)

emergency survival kit mockup


  • Create Your Emergency Safety Plan - We get a ton of people asking.. "What do I do in the moment?" This plan is how to keep everyone safe in the moment when all heck is breaking loose. 

  • Emergency Reconnect Plan -  Ok. You've lost your cool. It happens to the best of us. But the key is to reconnect after the blowup. With this plan you have got it made in the shade. 

  • Live-Action Meltdown Debrief - With this meltdown debrief, become empowered on what's working and what's not! Soon you will be on your way to melt-down free days!

Operation Superkids Bundle

The exact solutions I created with my Superkid to end battles over the most touchy subjects. Everything from getting out the door in the morning and fights over electronics to getting my picky eater to eat and getting my kid to actually use the calm down tools I teach him.

($499 Value)

operation superkid mockup


  • The Lost Archive of Superkids Guide Trainings- 16 Video Trainings on Hot Topics like "how to get your child to use therapy tools at home" and "how to get through a morning with your Superkid without fighting tooth and nail" 

  • Superkids Motivational Wall Art - Everyone asks where and how to get the Superkids manifesto. Here it is PLUS each individual super power poster as well. These will get the whole family motivated and on board. 

  • Superkids Calming Kit- Over 100 printable pages of Calming Emotions Games, Calming Brain Breaks, Mazes, Games, and other activities to help your Superkid without them realizing they are learning. 

Instant Calm Survival Kit

You'll know exactly what to say and do when your child flies off the handle

($499 Value)



  • Exactly what to say and do in the heat of the moment for over 100 difficult behaviors.

  • Covers anything from backtalk to not listening to fighting with their brother or sister.

  • The perfect way to get “quick wins” as you use the framework.

Total Bonus Value:



The Most Powerful Way to turn your relationship with your child into one you thought you’d always have.

You Are Just Moments Away From Gaining Access to EVERYTHING You Need When You Join The CALM THE CHAOS Program


7-Step Calm the Chaos Framework Trainings ($1999 Value)

  • 7  Core Modules: delivered weekly to reduce overwhelm. Each module will contain bite-sized video lessons that will make it easy to break down the entire framework step-by-step. 
  • Transcripts, Audio, and Lesson Summaries: So that you can learn on the go, it will be easy to digest the information, and you can learn in whatever style works for you.
  • Workbooks with action steps: Each lesson comes with a printable action guide so you always know what step is next.

Calm the Chaos Community ($999 value)

  • Get access to 3 months of intensive support from me, the coaches, and Calm the Chaos ambassadors. We’ll answer any questions and help you make progress day after day.
  • Join hundreds of other parents, teachers, and therapists from all over the world for 12 months. So that you have a support system as you implement the new strategies you are learning. 
  • Access exclusive new trainings every day.

Finish Strong Coaching ($999)

  • Overcome overwhelm, self-doubt, and guilt with a proven system that will get you unstuck. So you absorb the material and move forward by leaps and bounds no matter what.

12 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Dayna ($1999 Value)

  • Weekly Coaching Q&A Calls: Each Thursday at Noon Central Time, we will get together on a LIVE 30 minute call and go over any question that is keeping you stuck 

Bonus #1: No Time.. No Problem Bundle ($497 Value)

  • Our patented Time Hacker Formula Training that can save you 1 hour or more a day
  • 3 Days to Find Your Mojo Training
  • 3 Days to Overcome Overwhelm Training

Bonus #2: The Crisis Survival Kit training ($299 value)

This training can help you with specific challenges brought on by today’s crisis. Problems like:

  • How to homeschool your kiddo
  • How to keep them busy so you can get things done -- even if they’re super clingy
  • How to end fights over electronics, bath time, etc.

Bonus #3: The Routine Cure ($49 value)

Discover how to create morning and nighttime routines your out-of-the-box kid is excited to follow. So you can start and end your day having time for yourself. (Remember those quiet moments alone? You can get them back.)

Bonus #4: Get Your Spouse Onboard ($999 value)

  • Get your spouse, teachers and babysitters and even your mother-in-law on board with easy to follow step-by-step guides and trainings on how to handle tantrums and meltdowns like a pro and go-to resources that will make explaining your Superkid simple and effortless. 

Bonus #5: Calm the Chaos Fast Track training ($49 value)

1 hour training shows you exactly what to do and say in the moment to get your child to quickly calm down and do what you ask while using the full Calm the Chaos framework.



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