"This will affect the parenting of my grandchildren and the generations to come."

Carol Quoi

school struggles, routines

Hi I’m Carol and I joined CTC because my son was having a hard time at school. We were having school refusals,and lots of meeting with teachers trying to discover why. They weren’t really coming up with any answers and I felt quite lost and alone. My friends weren’t having these issues and I felt like I was failing him as a mom.

After joining I fairly quickly started noticing changes. Just focusing on the connection, listening and trying to understand why these meltdowns were happening. We had to work out why he was struggling.

So a year on and things are quite different. He's much happier and there's no school refusal. He happily cycles down to school. There's been no meetings so far with school.

Now I’m in the Next Step membership where you work on certain behaviors one at time. So now we were looking at bedtime routines because this was a difficult time for me. I would feel triggered as I was tired and then his behaviors would start and it would just spiral from there. So we've worked on that a lot and now bedtimes are fun. He goes up as a shower, we play pool, we sing. I've had to dedicate the time. So it takes longer to get him to bed, but he goes to bed happy. And when he goes to bed happy, guess what? He gets up happy. He just does all the things he wasn't doing before because we’ve worked out that huge connection piece.

My little girl is amazing. She has learned CTC alongside me. When we talk about our triggers and spiraling behavior she is gaining so much knowledge. I'm not just changing my family, I'm affecting their children, my grandchildren and their children. This change will keep happening down the line. So we are affecting generations of my family to come all because I have taken this step to do it differently and it works. We're in a much happier place.

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