"It felt like I was in some sound proof box. My kids just would not listen to me."

Cassandra House-Hanowell

Overwhelm, long meltdowns

My name is Cassandra. I have three super kids, five and under we have a really wide array of super powers that we're still learning to use on the daily. I was really going back and forth about posting video, but here I am before CTC, it really was hard. It felt like I was in some sound proof box. I guess my kids just would not listen to me. And it felt like they were always trying to do things just to be mean. Honestly, the tantrums were Epic, very, very, very big, and it's sucked the soul right out of me. I was a chronic yeller and I was constantly overwhelmed all the time. I knew it was a really big source of shame. In CTC. I learned the value of communication and connection :two really the big things. Then out of the moment, I learned that I was using tools that I grew up with that were not the best because that's what I knew. And I learned that I didn't need to be ashamed or upset or guilt myself any extra for it. It's just what I do. And now I know something totally different. the framework literally changed our lives. Now I have a toolbox and the community and a framework, a framework that I can apply in all the situations. And our family has a lot of trust and communication where we didn't before. And now I just feel like we can finally move forward together as a family, not fighting each other. So that is why I am CDC.