"I didn't listen to them. I thought I was listening. I wasn't."

Christine Ewin

Aggressive meltdowns, overwhelm, parental anxiety

I'm Christine. I am a mom to two super kids, seven and five. I found Calm the Chaos in late August of this past year. And it has truly changed our lives. We'd had meltdowns daily, sometimes multiple times, daily, violent meltdowns, loud piercing, screaming, meltdowns. And I added to a lot of that fire, some of those meltdowns, where are my meltdowns screaming in the morning to get everyone out the door, the lectures in the car. I didn't like the sound of my voice and I don't think my kids did either. I didn't listen to them. I thought I was listening. I wasn't listening. I learned that you're is communication. And I started to hear that it was amazing to see the change in my son, especially when he learned to trust me that I was hearing and my daughter and her big love. I still scream sometimes and I still lecture, but I'm catching myself more and I'm listening to my kids more. And our lives are so different that the meltdowns are few and far between and the ones we have are shorter. I will follow this program for the rest of my life.

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