"There've been so many videos that make me cry with relief that someone understands."

Dani Conway

Tried everything, Mom guilt, mindset shift

Hi I’m Danni. Before I joined CTC, I was yelling at my kids all the time and I just felt so guilty. I just couldn't understand why I still lost it instead of doing all the strategies that I've researched. I was drowning in mom guilt. I felt that I was screwing it all up. I read up on child development. I read up on books on parenting. But nothing changed.

I had stayed in the free group for almost a year, soaking up every bit of content I could find. I love psychology and researching the latest parenting strategies. When I found Dayna her free content was so in-line with what I had been reading. I had “Yesses” and “aha” moments one right after another.

I remember her saying that the beginning and the end of the night are prime connection times for kids. I implemented morning and bedtime snuggles and had results really fast. My kids were turning to me with gratitude and saying “I love you mommy”.
In my life, I've always been the outsider and I've never really felt like I fit in anywhere. Here, I fit in after a month. There have been so many videos that made me cry with relief that someone understands. I identify and relate to the thought monsters so much.

I am constantly thinking about how grateful I am that I gave CTC a chance. How much different life could be. I want everyone to have CTC to see how much easier and happier life could be for them too.