"I felt like I was alone in this situation, embarrassed that at this point in my life, I needed advice on how to raise kids"

Diane Unger

mom guilt, Mindself shift

My story isn't much different from others but I wanted to reach out and tell a little of my journey in case there are other grandparents struggling to raise grandkids. There was very little support for us out there and raising grandchildren brings on a whole new set of challenges: less energy, more health issues and unique family dynamics.

After 6 years of struggling, it was clear our old way of parenting wasn't working. Our life was the definition of chaos. We were having daily meltdowns, calls from the school, physical aggression, yelling and fighting. I dreaded getting out of bed every day. It was taking a toll on every aspect of our lives.

As I searched for help, I felt like I was alone in this situation. I was embarrassed that at this point in my life, I needed advice on how to raise kids. After the workshop, I found a glimmer of hope. I implemented some of what I learned and I saw positive changes. Meltdowns were shorter and we were even able to eat a meal together. When COVID hit, I knew I needed the full program to survive being home all day, every day, without a break. Everyone on the team goes all in to support and encourage us. I've learned so much about these awesome kids but mostly I've learned about myself. I can now be calm in the storm. That didn't happen before CTC. I'm now excited to start my days.

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