"It takes a trustworthy guide and it takes involvement with a supportive community. And I found both of those here."

Georgia Bowen Buchert

Parental Anxiety, Mindset shift

I am Georgia and I am the resident ancient mama. I came to mothering at a later age. We became parents through the blessing of adoption. We have one precious precocious, very out of the box daughter, who is six. It sometimes feels like having a whole house full of children. She is fierce, funny, intelligent, adventurous, creative. She's very loving and she is exploding with fire and energy. She's amazing. And raising her has been a workout.

People sometimes express that they think I must be a great mom since I've had so much life experience and time to prepare for Parenthood. But being older does not automatically make you wiser. You must intentionally make your way down the right path to do that and you can’t do it all on your own. It takes a trustworthy guide and it takes involvement with a supportive community. And I found both of those here., I began my Calm the Chaos journey a year ago in the middle of a personal crisis. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood and last year I hit absolute bottom and I got stuck there. I felt broken beyond repair. I really felt like a failure and a burden to my family. I came really close to ending my life.

When the opportunity arose to join CTC, I was deeply drawn to taking part and I have no regrets, none. I've learned to believe in myself and in my child. I can anchor and stay calm and tough moments with her or anyone else. I identify and swap thoughts that hold me back for better thinking. I'm building a family team where everyone is equally valued, supported, empowered, and celebrated. I notice and create positive interactions with both my child and my husband.

I can see beyond behaviors. I can check them, find patterns and root causes., I create safe spaces and safe conversations. I advocate for myself and my child. I have resources and support when new questions come to me.

I can honestly say that Calm the Chaos has been an enormous part of what has saved my life. And it's helping me parent in ways that satisfy my soul and encourage peace and power within my child, and also now within my marriage. I just want to tell you that change can come at any point in life when, when you're ready and you have the understanding, motivation and support to move in a fresh direction.