"How can I have time for myself and be the mom I really wanted to be?"

Kylie Bartolo Cassar

Large family, overwhelm, mindset shift, I am a professional myself

I'm Kylie and I've got eight children. Calm the Chaos has had an enormous impact on our family. Prior to CTC, even just getting out of the door in the morning with all the children was overwhelming. I would frequently just sit down in tears and wonder “What on earth I am going to do? How I was going to run everything?” How can I have time for myself and be the mom I really wanted to be?

I’ve studied psychology for many years and read many parenting books. I really haven't come across the practical tools that CTC offers. This is a place where I found support and my people. I am never alone. When I’m at the point of complete despair, I can stop. I can take a breath and I can figure it out with the help of a person who's been through what I've been through. This is the strategy that I could then pass on to my children. So those same children that were making massive messes, who were going berserk when we had visitors, who would be fighting and just generally acting up at bedtime and dinner time. I came to understand that hidden in their struggles was also super powers that we could use as a family team.

So there was a moment when I was in tears, overwhelmed with just the household tasks and getting on day to day. And my seven year old sat near me and said “Don't worry, mum, we'll come up with a plan.” He drew up a plan of how we were going to do the housework together. The CTC framework not only helped me be a better parent, it helped me discover myself, my dreams, my strengths so I can tackle anything that comes our way, including a global pandemic. CTC framework and community saved my life. The approach in the framework gave me a way to thrive even through this crisis. This, you just can't get anywhere else. It's gold.

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