"My chaos is in my environment and in my head."

Leanna Carrillo

No time/No energy, Mindset Shift

I'm very visual. My chaos is in my environment and in my head. And so I'm laying down. How many of you do not have energy to deal with your kids, your family, your spouse? Whether it be an illness or just the chaos in your family that means you just don't have any more energy. That's where I was; kind of all of the above. This has been my Chaos; the messy chaos of my whole house. I do not want to raise my kids this way. Obviously it causes lots of meltdowns and arguments because their environment is Chaos. It provides no peace whatsoever.

On the other hand, my brain categorizes. It makes sense to me. What Calm the Chaos has done was put everything in my brain on paper. You sit with your family, talk about your family values, family huddles, everything about communication. What are our triggers? I mean, we walk through all of that and I love it because it's on paper. I don't have to do it on my head anymore. I didn't have the brain power. I didn't have the energy to communicate it to my husband. We also needed to communicate it in a way that made sense to my kids.

So I'm going to continue showing you, cause I know that all of y'all’s houses look like this sometime or another. But there is hope. So this has been my Chaos but now we are organizing one room at a time. This - I have never had a bedroom that is a sanctuary before and that's what I always wanted to create. The reason I showed you the Legos and the linen closet is because it's all neat because that's what makes sense to me. That's how I see things. So when it's chaos physically, it feels like there's something missing in Leanna. Calm the Chaos has so much more than what to do with your family, your relationship with your partner or your parents, your relationship with yourself that has been huge for me.

I wasn't going to do a video because I haven't finished the paperwork. I haven't finished the workbooks or all the videos but Dayna always says “Look at what you did do. Don't discredit that.” What I've gotten out of Calm the Chaos is community, check ins, people who speak my language, people who accept me for being me.

My life was and I guess it kind of still is, a cyclone. Feeling overwhelmed, frantic, how can I do all of this? You just saw their bedroom. That was behavior. That was chaos in our physical environment. That was meltdowns. That was arguing with each other, arguing with mom But now I’m Progress Princess; capable, excited for the journey. Looking at how far I've come. It’s for everybody, this program. It’ s given me confidence in myself, confidence to be the mom and the wife that I need to be. Since I joined CTC, I have much more time and energy for my family. It came at the right time like I had a knock on my door that said, “Hey, you're not parenting your kids right”. Maybe some of you have had a similar knock, whether it be from a legal agency or parents or a neighbor or whatever. So you take your steps. I take my steps.

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