"WE QUIT! I made the phone call to our therapists that have been helping us for three years to no avail."

Mandy Hauer

tried everything, long meltdowns

WE QUIT! I made the phone call to our therapists that have been helping us for three years to no avail, the program that had failed us miserably, who had no more answers. So we were now flying untethered and had a child who was still having the same issues; raging, tantruming, meltdowns and blowups. We were looking at a guaranteed two hours and some days upwards of six hours dealing with these behaviors. Our family was drowning. This had been going on for eight years and we had made little to no progress, despite trying so many things. Relationships and attachments were crumbling. Our marriage was difficult around parenting discussions because we just didn't know what to do. So we decided to join Calm the Chaos. And do you know what happened? We got answers.

The framework immediately helped us get on the same page with our parenting. We were able to get a clear vision of what we wanted our family to look like. And with just that step alone, we were able to see a reduction in behavior right off the bat. We were able to deal with our triggers and to meet my daughter too, when she was losing it, when she didn't know what to do and was angry and lashing out and seemingly out of control. We were able to meet her, find her, connect with her and pull her out. We started seeing tiny triggers that we were able to help her come out of when they were this big instead of this big. And that's the framework, that's the biggest gift it's given to us.

It's not perfect yet and we do not have it all figured out. But we have a plan for when we're lost or triggered and things get hard. We have a solid place that we are all familiar with, that we are able to realign with, get back onto and carry on instead of it completely derailing us. So as a family, we are getting so strong, so resilient and building so many skills that we just were not able to do beforehand.

So I thank you CTC team for everything you've done. I thank you for the 24 hour a day support of people going through the same thing. I could hop on at any time, day or night and ask for help. I got help and it was good help. That kind of training was really what solidified us, being able to get, keep and use the skills. Our quitting made us winners.

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