Save 67% off the "Handle Any Sensory Challenge" Bundle. Get 3 bundles for the price of ONE!

The bundle includes all the sensory tools and resources you need to:

  • Get other adults in your child’s life to understand SPD (and stop blaming you for their sensory-related behaviors)
  • Recognize the sensory triggers that cause your child to become overwhelmed (like loud noises and bright lights) and provide appropriate input to balance your child’s sensory needs (before your child melts down)
  • Give your child the tools they need to self-regulate their behavior on their own (so your child can calm themselves when they start to feel overwhelmed)

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Plus, you get dozens of charts, games, tips and strategies to help with your daily struggles with time...and any other times where your child becomes stressed and overwhelmed


You are in the right place if:

  • Your child’s behavior seems unpredictable -- with meltdowns that seem to come out of nowhere and go on for hours.
  • You’re frustrated and baffled by your kid’s behaviors, such as constantly licking things, excessive fidgeting, and daily battles over wearing socks and clothes that ‘feel funny’.
  • Or any other other sensory-related issues, like picky eating...constantly touching objects and other people...and the list goes on.
Here’s everything you get inside the

"Handle Any Sensory Challenge" Kit!

Kit #1: Sensory Understanding

(Value $17)

How to know what your child is going through and explain it to them and other adults. 

Sensory Understanding Super Pack 1
  • The Sensory Child’s Caregiver’s Guide -- How to understand what’s going on with your child and explain it to others in plain English so in-laws, teachers, and others understand, too.
  • How to discover the cause of your child’s sensory issues even if they seem to change every day
  • The Sensory Behaviors Checklist -- A simple way to identify whether a behavior is sensory-related or something else
  • What to say to a child with sensory struggles -- exact words to explain complex sensory issues and help them understand their needs
  • How to get teachers and other adults to address your child’s sensory needs before your child has a meltdown
  • 10 things to say when strangers offer you parenting advice when your child is having a meltdown (instead of criticizing you they’ll respect you)
  • How to respond when everyone (even your mom) says you’re a bad parent or your child is “manipulating” you (including what to say to those who don’t believe SPD exists)
Sensory Understanding Super Pack 2
Sensory Understanding Super Pack 3
  • How to get others to understand and love your challenging child
  • 7 essential coping strategies for your SPD child that can make family time fun again
  • How to help your SPD kids make--and keep--friends (and what to say to your child when they feel rejected by friends and peers)
  • Calming strategies that let you host a birthday party without tears and tantrums

Kit #2: Sensory Strategies Toolkit

(Value $17)

How to Help Reduce Sensory Issues During Everyday Situations

Sensory Strategies Toolkit 1
  • Self-Regulation Cards for Home, School and Out and About -- Help your child to regulate their moods and stay calm even in new, over-stimulating environments
  • How to change your child’s plans and routines while avoiding a meltdown
  • 5 steps to create a learning space your kids are excited to use (don’t be surprised if they stay busy there for hours on end)
  • How to help your kids build their own sensory toolkit using common household objects (this alone can save you hundreds of dollars over the years)
  • Games that build sensory awareness -- a fun way to teach your child how to self-regulate and understand themselves (including the wildly popular “Personal space game”)
  • The Sensory Guide for bath and showertime
  • The Picky Eater Pleaser -- How to handle sensory issues during mealtime and get the most picky eaters to finish their plate
  • The Sensory Child’s Guide to Getting Dressed -- Your daily battles over socks and shoes can disappear using this guide
Sensory Strategies Toolkit 2
Sensory Strategies Toolkit 3
  • Potty training for sensory children -- common potty training methods don’t always work for sensory kiddos -- but this does
  • The “Calming Robot Activity Kit” for busy kids who can’t sit still! (bring your kid to the doctor or DMV and watch them sit calmly instead of jumping off the walls...for once.)
  • 30 super simple one-minute sensory break ideas -- with printable cheat sheet - so you can instantly calm your child when they start to lose it
  • How to help your child transition from one activity to another without them erupting in anger
  • How to get your child to calm down when they’re frustrated or angry without being bitten, punched or kicked
  • How to get kids to recognize their own sensory needs and take care of them on their own
  • How to create routines your sensory child actually follows (works for morning, bedtime, mealtime, after school and more)
  • Secrets to calming sensory-related tantrums and meltdowns (what works for most children doesn’t work for yours -- but this will)
  • What your sensory child wants you to know about their struggles but can’t verbalize (anyone who reads this will feel more patience and empathy for your child -- and anyone else -- with sensory issues)
Sensory Strategies Toolkit 4

Kit #3: Sensory Meltdowns and Discipline Power Pack

(Value $17)

How to handle violent meltdowns and discipline your child even if they refuse to listen.

Sensory Meltdowns Powerpack 1
  • Trigger Trackers: How to recognize triggers that cause meltdowns -- even if there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their moods
  • Signs of sensory overload -- use this to stop the meltdowns and tantrums before they even start
  • The best calm-down tools for YOUR unique child (no more scouring pinterest only to find some tool that your child throws across the room when they get upset)
  • What your child is really saying when he cusses you out (it’s not what you think)
  • How to identify sensory struggles before they spiral out of control
  • 10 calming strategies to use when words don’t work
  • What to do when your child “keeps it together” at school and meltdowns at home (without being kicked or bitten)
  • Discover 100 calm-down strategies you can use today (because sometimes your ‘normal’ tools don’t seem to work)
Sensory Meltdowns Powerpack 2
Sensory Meltdowns Powerpack 3
  • 15 sure-fire ways to calm an angry child who is having a meltdown
  • How to spot the triggers that instantly flip your child’s switch from laughter to tears and anger (and possibly a kick in the stomach)
  • 10 ways to reduce sensory overload during holidays and big events
  • How to keep your sound-sensitive child from sticking things in his ears (like glue sticks, crayons and sharp pencils)
  • How to keep your sensory child (and others) safe during a meltdown
  • Self-care tips for frazzled and exhausted moms of SPD kids
  • How to give SPD children the attention they need while balancing the needs of other children
Sensory Meltdowns Powerpack 4
Total Value: $51

Your Price: $17

You save: $34 (67% SAVINGS)

Let’s face it, you’ve likely been “going it alone” for quite some time now

Life dealt you a hand you weren’t expecting. And your child is in a world that doesn’t understand them. All they have is you. You’re doing your best, but it’s exhausting. You worry about them. Will they get through school? Will they have friends?

I get it. And there’s good news...


My name is Dayna Abraham and I’m the founder of Calm the Chaos and bestselling author of Sensory Processing 101.

I spent 13 years as a National Board Certified teacher and have helped over 200,000+ parents, teachers, and therapists get a handle on their kids most difficult behavior -- Including the most baffling and dangerous sensory issues.

Years ago, I was where you are today.

My son had epic meltdowns every day that seemed to come out of nowhere. He was kicked out of every preschool and kindergarten we brought him to.

I had to quit my teaching job to homeschool him. I read every parenting book out there. I tried every trick and tool there was. But nothing worked.

The meltdowns, screaming, and tears (his and mine) continued day after day after day. I felt like it was all my fault. Like I was failing as a mom.

But after years of trial and error -- I finally got a handle on my son’s sensory issues.

He was able to go back to school. Now, I no longer get calls every day saying “you need to get your son.” Instead, the only call I got was from a teacher saying my son was an “ideal student.”

I was floored. And since then I’ve made it my mission to help moms in the same situation. Moms who feel alone and hopeless, and are struggling to understand the sensory needs of their kids.

I’ve put all my best material into one place...the “Handle any Sensory Challenge” kit.


It’s a survival guide that can transform your world from tantrums and tears to smiles and laughter. So you can finally relax and enjoy spending time with your child (and other people will enjoy being with them, too).

This bundle is loaded with printable posters, checklists, guides, games and pdf’s. You can quickly glance at these guides anytime you’re having trouble and get exactly what you need.

With this, you won’t have to spend years desperately seeking help like I did.

Here’s what moms who have used this material have to say:

“Family members understand my son better”

“It really helped (family members) to understand that lack of discipline was not the cause (of his behaviors)... His behaviors were all seeking or avoiding behaviors. Running, jumping, climbing, spinning, mouth noises, crawling under furniture, taking off running, etc.

After learning more about sensory differences and preferences, they seem to have a better relationship with him. They understand him better.”

-Penny Schneider Clark


“He is staying at the table instead of leaving to run around…”

“I was able to easily see my sk6 and sk3’s sensory preferences. We added activities from the bundle to their dinner and night time routine. It has allowed my sk6 the opportunity to get proprioceptive input prior to dinner time and he is now staying at the table instead of leaving to run around or climb on furniture.

Both kiddos also seem to go to bed more willingly. My sk6 falls asleep so much faster with a weighted blanket and my sk3 we learned we have to use a compression sheet not weighted blanket bc of her tactile input. She just slept through the night for an entire week for the first time in her life!”

- Kammie Willis

“So helpful…”

We have learned to read his changing sensory needs and have options for times when he needs more stim (like music and movement) and for when he wants less (like headphones and light blocking spaces). Just knowing that there are more than 5 senses and having resorces for how to deal with them has been so helpful.

-Janna Venard Pyle

“Something for everyone!”

This bundle is amazing because it truly has something for everyone! And whether all of it applies or just one section, you will definitely find you have more than your money's worth. Books, e-courses, handouts, printables, tools, games, resources, advice, much information...and organized in such a way that it is easy to find just what you need....Such an amazing opportunity!

- Tamara Morgan

3 year old going through cards from the Sensory Bundle


Save 67% Limited Time Only!

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So we created this special kit to help moms stuck at home during the lockdown on the brink of losing their mind.

Our original plan was to sell this for $51. And we likely will soon.

But again… lockdown life isn’t fun for anyone. And we want to help you in this difficult time.

So we’ve cut the price by 67%. So you can get the entire “Handle Any Sensory Challenge” Kit for just $17.
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Just ONE of these tools can have a huge impact on your relationship with your kid. All of them together can transform your family. So you can create the calm, loving home you’ve always wanted.

Here’s How to Get Instant Access

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Kit #1: Sensory understanding ($17 value)
✅ Caregiver's Guide to Sensory
✅ Myths about Sensory
✅ My Sensory Likes and Dislikes
✅ Sensory Home School Connection Kit
✅ Working Together with Others to Understand Sensory Struggle
✅ What to Say to Friends, Family & Strangers That Don’t Understand

Kit #2: Sensory Strategies Toolkit ($17 value)
✅ Personalized Sensory Regulation Card Deck
✅ Sensory Strategies for Teens
✅ Games that Build Sensory Awareness
✅ Personal Space Games
✅ Sensory Strategies for the Classroom
✅ Sensory Strategies for Bathtime Success
✅ Sensory Strategies for Picky Eaters
✅ Sensory Strategies for Successful Hygiene
✅ 7 Tips for Transitioning
✅ How to Create a Sensory Diet
✅ Calming and Alerting - A Guide for Kids
✅ 7 Sensory Friendly Potty Training Sensory Tips
✅ 15 Sensory Strategies for Getting Dressed

Kit #3: Sensory Meltdowns and Discipline Power Pack ($17 value)
✅ Trigger Tracker
✅ Sensory Preferences Tracker
✅ Sensory Tools Tracker
✅ Meltdown Tracker
✅ Meltdown or Behavior
✅ 15 Signs of Sensory Overload
✅ Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child
✅ Questions to Ask During a Behavior or Meltdown
✅ 7 Tips for When Your Child is Melting Down
✅ Sensory Calm Down Tools
✅ What to Say and Do During a Meltdown
✅ My Meltdown Kit
✅ How to Create a Sensory Calm Down Space

Total Value: $51

Your Price: $17

You save: $34 (67% SAVINGS)

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