If you want an even faster, easier way to get your kids to listen and do what you ask, you’ll love this...

Introducing the NEW
“Get Your Kid to Do What You Ask” Bundle!


This is especially important if you have a super-defiant child. One who:

  • Screams “No!” anytime you ask them to do something…
  • Refuses to do schoolwork…
  • Won’t even follow simple directions without a fight breaking out…

Best part, you can try it FREE for 30-days. If it doesn’t work wonders, you pay $0.

You see, there’s a reason all the “common advice” you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked.

And it’s not because your child is broken. Or you’re a bad mom. (The fact you’re here tells me you’re a GREAT mom.)

It’s because those “tips and tricks” don’t go deep enough. They don’t address the root cause of your child’s refusal.


That’s why you can “get on your kids level” only to have them not listen to anything you say.

It’s why you can take away their TV/tablet, yet they still fight you.

It’s why you can offer calm down tools only to have your child scream, “THEY DON’T WORK!”

And on and on it goes…

The “common solutions” are like using a band-aid to stop a heart attack. They only deal with the actions you see on the surface. They don’t go deeper into the true cause of the defiance.

Until you address the root cause, you’ll have constant battles. Every. Single. Day.

But I have great news. After 15 years helping 200,000+ parents, teachers, and therapists, we’ve created a special bundle to help you uncover the cause of your child’s defiance and get them to listen and do what you ask -- all without threats, bribes, or punishments. 

It’s all inside our new Get Your Kid to Do What You Ask Bundle.

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Introducing the NEW

“Get Your Kid to Do What You Ask” Bundle!

This bundle is loaded with even more printable posters, checklists, guides, and pdf’s. You can quickly glance at these guides anytime you’re having trouble and get exactly what you need immediately.

Here’s a look at everything you get in this new bundle

Kit #1: The Listening Pack -- How to Get Kids to Listen without Refusal and Throwing Fits

  • The Refusal Response Guide -- what to say and do when your child refuses to do what you ask. (You’ll get them to do what you want -- and they’ll think it’s their idea!)
  • 10 calming strategies when words don’t work
  • How to get your kid to stop whining and be respectful using The Empowerment Toolkit
  • A few simple phrases you can use to eliminate “No” from their vocabulary and get your child to respond positively 
  • The “Get Along” kit so they treat you and others with respect.
  • How to get your kid to listen by turning it into a game using the Listening Skills Booster Pack
  • 7 Secrets to get your child to listen without resorting to threats or taking away their table/TV time
  • How to get your child to talk and problem-solve with you even if they don’t want to make a plan and scream every time you try to help them

Kit #2: Learning & Schoolwork Toolkit -- How to Get Kids to Learn & Do Schoolwork without a Fight

  • The Focus Booster Pack: 15 Super Simple Brain Breaks to help fidgety and distracted kids get work done
  • 5 steps to create a learning space your kids are excited to use (don’t be surprised if they start asking to do their schoolwork early)
  • 13 ways to get your kid to do schoolwork at home (if they think “schoolwork can only be done at school” this will change all that.)
  • The School Refusal Checklist -- exactly what to do and say when your kid refuses school, so they get their work done and simple assignments don’t drag on all day.
  • 3 ways to help your kid overcome overwhelm and go from flustered to focused
  • 3 steps to create fun learning spaces that keep your kids entertained for hours as they get their schoolwork done
  • How to get your child to hit their daily schoolwork goals with 2 simple steps
  • How to instantly reconnect with your child when they’re upset (so there’s less screaming and more smiling)
  • Energy Boosting Snacks -- 10 go-to snacks to get your kid to perk up and come to life without using sugar
  • The No-Stress Homework Planner -- avoid meltdowns and refusal with a simple guide that gets your child to work by themselves and ask for help when they need it
  • The Self-Esteem Booster -- Eliminate phrases like “I can’t do this!” and get your child brimming with confidence when it comes to schoolwork (They’ll use this one every year until they graduate!)
  • How to get my child to do his homework without crying, refusing, fighting and setting you off the deep end with the School Likes and Dislikes exercise.
  • How to help your child avoid getting frustrated and work on their own (so you don’t have to rush over to help every 30 seconds) with the Get Unstuck Problem Solver
  • How to get your kids motivated to read, write, and do other schoolwork when they lack motivation with the School Likes and Dislikes Technique

Kit #3: Simple Directions & Chores Bundle -- How to Get Kids to Follow Simple Directions, Help Out Around the House, And Get Out of Bed Without Complaining

  • How to get your child to do chores (and do them well) even if they’re glued to the couch all-day
  • How to get your child to follow the rules even if they refuse 90% of the time and cry when they don’t get their way
  • How to create routines even if your child screams and calls you “stupid” anytime you try to plan with them
  • How to conquer daily activities: Get your child to get up in the morning, brush their teeth, clean their room and get dressed even if they refuse directions from you or your husband
  • The Help Around the House Kit to get your kids to do simple chores. Imagine walking into a clean living room and a kitchen where the countertops are wiped down and dishes have been put away every single day...
  • The “Command Center” secret to get your child to do what you want without being met with defiance, mini meltdowns, or backtalk
  • The “OOPS” Plan -- Do you ever make plans that fall apart? This will be your backup so you can keep your child on track without them erupting like a volcano
  • 5 “Transition secrets” to get your child to transition to other things without throwing a fit
  • How to redirect your kid from screens, so they stop watching TV, staring at the computer, and playing video games when you ask instead of shouting “I hate you!”

Here’s what moms who have used this material have to say:

“The OOPS plan helped my kid calm down and complete most of his schoolwork”

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 6.19.09 PM

“Smooth and successful morning routine…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 6.19.18 PM

“All the latest research broken down into simple steps…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 6.19.26 PM

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But we created this kit special to help moms stuck at home during the lockdown on the brink of losing their mind.

Our original plan was to sell this for $49. And we likely will soon.

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So we’ve cut the price by 54%. So you can get the entire “Get Your Kid to Do What You Ask” Bundle for just $27.

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Just ONE of these tools can have a huge impact on your kids. All 22 can completely transform their relationship. So instead of hearing screams and loud *thuds” from playing too rough in the next room you hear laughter and giggling like you haven’t heard in years.

Click below now to get started.

“Get Your Kid to Do What You Ask”

Kit #1: The Listening Pack -- How to Get Kids to Listen without Refusal and Throwing Fits ($17 value)

  1. 7 Alternatives to Saying “No”

  2. Flat Out Refusal Response Guide

  3. 15 Calming Strategies When Words Don’t Work

  4. Empowered Kids Toolkit - How to Get Your Kid to Respond Without Whining

  5. Respectful Relationship Building Kit

  6. Listening Skills Booster Pack

  7. 15 Tips to Boost Listening

  8. Listening Problem Solving Tools

  9. 5 Steps to Get Your Child’s Attention

  10. 5 Step Plan to Get Your Kid to Listen

Kit #2: Learning & Schoolwork Toolkit ($17 value)

  1. School Refusal Checklist

  2. 7 Tips to Defeat School Overwhelm

  3. Simple Plan Kids will Actually Follow

  4. Simple Steps to Designing Learning Space

  5. Step-By-Step Project Breakdown Plan

  6. Making Mistakes ToolKit

  7. Focus Booster Brain Break Cards

  8. 25 Energy Boosting Snacks

  9. Self Esteem Booster Pack

  10. School Time Likes & Dislikes Tracker

  11. Get Unstuck Problem Solver

Kit #3: Simple Directions & Chores Bundle ($17 value)

  1. Get Kids to Help Around the House Kit

  2. Tips for Creating Family Rules Your Kids Actually Want to Follow

  3. 4 Steps to Creating Easy to Follow Routines

  4. Get Your Kids to Do the Simplest Tasks

  5. Simple Directions for Daily Activities

  6. How to Create Family Command Center

  7. 7 Tips for Smoother Transitions

  8. Electronics Plan to End Electronics Battles

Total Value: $51

Your Price: $27

You save: $24 (54% Savings)