Join Conquer + Thrive!

Our high-end, year-long coaching and mentorship program

You are invited to: 

  • Rediscover who you are and what you love
  • Create time to pursue things that light you up
  • Get the confidence to your true self unapologetically

All to help you be the best mom and person you can be.

Conquer and Thrive is its own little family. 

It’s a small community where you get TONS of coaching and support.

There are fewer than 50 members and we are only going to accept a few more. Because we like that small, community feel and have a limited number of coaches.

Complete Burn Out to Finding Her Dream Job

From Impossible to Inevitable Dreams...

APPLY NOW by submitting your refundable $100 Application Deposit & Schedule Your Planning Call TODAY.

This program comes with:

  • Monthly “Deep Inner Work” sessions...

    to help you build confidence, re-discover yourself, and overcome the fears/stories/mental blocks that keep you from building a life you love.

    This includes:

      • Silencing your “inner critic” and building radiant confidence
      • Overcoming “money blocks” that keep you living paycheck to paycheck
      • Letting go of past trauma so you can move forward as your best self
  • Weekly C&T-Only Pod Calls

    These are small group coaching calls where you get support and accountability. You’ll work with the same coach and 4-5 C&T members every week. So they’ll get to know you and your challenges intimately. 

  • Monthly Mastermind Calls

    Larger community calls designed to get you “unstuck” in any area. Whether you need help getting your family running smoothly, getting clear on your dreams, or recharging your batteries so you can be more present and engaged with your kids, you’ll leave these calls with simple next steps to make it happen. 

  • Access to the Conquer and Thrive Community

    This community is like a family. It’s a small, tight-knit, super-active group of moms supporting each other each and every day. And Jason, our coaches and I are heavily involved.

And of course, the bonuses 🙂
  • Bonus #1: Monthly Take Action Sessions

    We’ll get together to help you make huge leaps forward on whatever challenge you’re stuck on.

    No more spending months going, “Aw man I’ve been meaning to do this thing…” We’ll work together to help you knock that out in as little as a day.

    Whether you want to declutter your home, get your kids to help you out with chores, rejoin the workforce, start a business or whatever else – we’ll help you move forward in leaps and bounds.

  • Bonus #2: The Conquer & Thrive In-Person Retreat!

    Next year we’re getting all our Conquer & Thrive members together under one roof. So we can connect, learn, grow, have shenanigans, and build lifelong friendships that go far beyond a Facebook group.

APPLY NOW by submitting your refundable $100 Application Deposit & Schedule Your Planning Call TODAY.


Because there is so much intimate coaching, we are keeping this program tiny.

We currently have 35 members. A few are leaving so there are about 5-10 new spots open. But only if it’s the right fit.

There is also a significant financial investment as it costs $1,000/month to join.

You can apply to join Conquer and Thrive here.

When you apply you’ll be invited to book a call with us to figure out if this is a right fit.

Let’s create a life you love together!


Here’s what C&T members are saying:

“In the 2 years I’ve been in C&T
I’ve grown more than I ever have on my own.”

cnt win 1

“I started working 1.5 days a week…
the money has started to come!”

cnt win 2

APPLY NOW by submitting your refundable $100 Application Deposit & Schedule Your Planning Call TODAY.

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