Want to Discover Who You Are In Addition to Being A Rockstar Mom?

If you want to re-connect with yourself, find your passion, and create something that’s your own while still being the incredible mom you’ve worked so hard to be, you’ll love this.

100% Free Training | No credit card required

  • Have you been so wrapped up in taking care of your kids that you forgot who you are?
  • Want to find what lights you up in addition to being an incredible mom?
  • Want to inspire your children to achieve their dreams by doing it yourself?
  • And do you want to do all that without missing out on time with your kids?
Over the past few years, I’ve gone from “stay-at-home-mom” to creating a successful business doing what I love. I’ve helped thousands of families while still making my family my #1 priority.

I’m hosting a LIVE training where you’ll discover:

  • How to find your passion -- Discover what lights you up in addition to being an amazing mom (Plus, how to turn your passion into extra income that can cover groceries or pay for mini-vacations with your family)
  • How to pursue your passions while making family your top priority -- Whether you want to go back to school, get a job, start a business, or pursue a hobby -- we’ll show how you can do that without sacrificing time with family
  • How to get the time and energy to pursue your dreams even if you’re exhausted from dealing with your kids 24/7 (you can go from overwhelmed to energized… and prove to your kids they can achieve their dreams, too)

100% Free Training | No credit card required

About Me

Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, best-selling author of 2 parenting books and founder of the popular parenting blog Lemon Lime Adventures.

I used to be a teacher and absolutely loved my job. But then... I had to quit.

You see, my “out of the box” son was having epic meltdowns multiple times a day. He got kicked out of one school after another. It got so bad that I had to leave my job to homeschool him and take care of my two other children.

My entire life was consumed by my kids. I forgot who I was. I forgot about the dreams I used to have. I even forgot to shower most days because I was so overwhelmed in dealing with my kids.


I love my kids more than anything. And being a mom is the most rewarding thing I do. But during this time I realized I needed something else -- something in addition to being a mom that I could call my own.

I also wanted to contribute to my household financially. I couldn’t do a traditional job because I had to be there for my son’s epic meltdowns. So I started an out-of-the-box career as a blogger. I worked for a few minutes here and there when my kids were napping or watching TV.

My initial goal was to make enough for boxed wine. If I could make $500/month for groceries, that would be amazing.

I hit those goals sooner than I thought. Today, that blog has turned into a 7-figure business with 20 employees. And I’m fortunate enough to spend my days helping moms who struggle as I did.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of moms with “out of the box kids” get their homes in order. Once they hit that point, they ask me, “Now what?”

Their days were so consumed by meltdowns, fights with their kids, and screaming, defiant children and now that all that is gone, they don’t know what to do with themselves!

So I created this special training to help. It shows you how to rediscover your identity, find your passion, and pursue your dreams while still being the amazing mom you’ve worked so hard to be.

I firmly believe this makes you an even better mom. Because when your kids see you pursue your dreams, it shows them they can do the same.

I look forward to seeing you there!

100% Free Training | No credit card required

Here’s what moms say about this training:

“My kids are seeing me as more than ‘just a mama...”


“Kids need to see they can take the bull by the horns”


“Showing my boys that mom can get a career”


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