Rediscover Who You Are
And What You Love
(in addition to being an amazing mom)

Rediscover Who You Are And What You Love
(in addition to being an amazing mom)

You'll Discover:

You'll Discover:

  • Who you are and what you love (outside of being an amazing mom)
  • How finding your “Spark” -- that thing that lights you up -- and how that makes you a calmer, happier mom
  • How to do what you love without sacrificing time with family through your “non-negotiable” 
  • How to help others doing what you love (and even earn income with it)
  • How to teach your children to live their dreams by doing it yourself!

About Dayna


Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, best-selling author of 2 parenting books and founder of the popular parenting blog Lemon Lime Adventures.

I spent 13 years working as a teacher and absolutely loved it. I even had a dream to open a school for “misfit kids.”

But then, I had to give it all up because my son’s meltdowns became so severe that no school would have him. I had to quit my job to look after him.

For the next few years, I poured all my time and energy into my kids. 
I lost track of who I was. I forgot about my dreams. 
Being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world. And yet, as this was going on, I had this nagging feeling that I wanted something more.
I wanted something that was my own. I wanted a life beyond calming meltdowns, getting snacks, and doing 10 million loads of laundry every week. 
So I started a blog sharing parenting advice for parents with challenging kids.
Over the past 7-years, it has grown into a 7-figure business that’s helped tens of thousands of parents.
It’s helped me feel fulfilled, because I’m doing what I love and helping people all over the world.
And I’ve done all this while keeping my time with family my #1 priority.

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If you want to find what you love -- along with the time and confidence to pursue it -- then join me for the Find Your Spark challenge.
You’ll see how to find what lights you up in addition to being the amazing mom you’ve worked so hard to be.
I look forward to seeing you there!

Here’s what moms say about this challenge:

“My kids are seeing me as more than ‘just a mama...”


“Kids need to see they can take the bull by the horns”


“Showing my boys that mom can get a career”


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