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Thanks for joining the Find Your Spark Summit!
It’s going to be a day jam-packed with fun and inspiration.
You’ll hear from 21 moms who found their spark and are making an impact doing what they love -- without sacrificing time with their kids.
And they’ll show you how you can do the same.

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Now before the summit begins, you’ll want to upgrade to VIP. Here’s why:

As a VIP, you get:

  • Access to the actual zoom room where the speaker and I will be talking ($99 value)
    Everyone else will watch through Facebook. You’ll be there in the room with us. So if we take questions you’ll be first in line to ask them.
  • Recordings of the Find Your Spark Summit ($99 value)
    We’ve got a ton of material to cover. If you miss anything, or simply want a refresher a few months from now, you’ll love having these recordings in your back pocket. The recordings will be available in 60-90 days after the summit.
  • Surprise gifts from the guest speakers!
    Our speakers have special bonus gifts lined up for you which are only for VIPs.

And that’s just the beginning...

When you upgrade to VIP, you also get 2 incredible free bonuses!

  • VIP Bonus #1: A FREE ticket to IGNITE ($297 value.)

    This  is our 3-day online virtual event that runs June 24-26.

    During this event, we’ll dig deeper into finding who you are and what lights you up.

    You’ll learn how to balance family time with “you” time. So you can do what you love while still being the amazing mom you worked so hard to be...just like the moms you heard at the summit.

    In fact, you’ll see how finding what lights you up makes you an even better mom. You’ll see how it leads to more quality time with your kids -- not less. And how it gives you more energy, so you’re more present and engaged with your kids. As well as how you can help your kids to achieve their dreams by showing them how it's done.

  • VIP Bonus #2: Recordings of the Find Your Spark Challenge ($99 value)

    This 7-day series breaks down step-by-step how to find what lights you up in addition to being an awesome mom.

    You’ll get the recordings 60-90 days from now.

Recap of everything you get

when you upgrade to VIP

  • Access to the Zoom room with me and the guest speakers ($99 value)
  • Free VIP-only speaker bonuses (value to be determined)
  • Recordings of the Find Your Spark Summit ($99 value
  • FREE ticket to Ignite June 24-26 ($297 value)
  • Recordings of the Find Your Spark Challenge ($99 value)
Total Value: $594+

Your price: $99

What a few of our students say:

“We ARE dreaming again!”

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“Thank you… for helping us see it IS possible to reach our dreams!”

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“Outstanding and Inspiring…”

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“[Ignite] was amazing!”

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“I joined Ignite so I could find what lights me up… and I got what I came for”

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