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Discover Who You Are,
What You Like, And Create
A Life You Love At Ignite!

  • Rediscover who you are and what lights you up

  • Feel calmer and more energized with your kids

  • Make a positive impact helping others

  • Get the freedom to say “Yes!” more -- “Yes!” to dance classes for your kids... “Yes!” to a 3-day trip with family, “Yes!” to having even more time with your children...

  • Teach your kids to live their dreams by doing it yourself!

June 24-26, 2021

Does this sound like you...

  • Have you put others first for so long you’ve forgotten who you are and what you like… and you want to be YOU again?

  • Are you’re so busy with work and family you can’t even get 5 seconds to yourself -- and you desperately need a change, so you don’t “snap”

  • Do you love being a mom yet feel a nagging desire for more
    ... You want to help people, perhaps by volunteering, re-entering the workforce, starting a business, or something else… yet you don’t have the time, skills, or qualifications you think you need…

  • Do you want to get off the “hamster wheel” of doing the same things every day (wakeup, help kids with schoolwork, clean, go to work, cook, do laundry, do it all again…) 
    ...and you want to ENJOY life again?

If so, Ignite was created just for you.

Ignite is a 3-day virtual event that will help you rediscover who you are and what you like.

You’ll see how doing what you love makes you a better mom -- how it helps you be calmer, happier, and more energized when you’re with your kids. 

(And how making your dreams happen shows your kids they can do the same.) 


You’ll even see how to free up your time, so you can do things that energize you -- like writing, crocheting, traveling, painting, volunteering… -- even if you can’t even get 5-seconds to yourself right now. 

While still being there to tuck your kids in, eat meals with them, help them with schoolwork -- and do all the other things you love about being a mom.


Introducing Ignite!

DAY 1:

Rediscover Yourself

This is where you uncover who you are, what you like, and what lights you up. You’ll discover:

  • How to feel energized and excited each day using your SPARC plan (takes 5 minutes a day or less)

  • How to rediscover who you are by following the “breadcrumbs” of your life

  • How to find your purpose outside of being an amazing mom (so you feel fulfilled and make an impact helping others)

  • The skills and knowledge you have that others would happily pay for (so you earn income doing what you love)

  • How to gain confidence to follow your dreams -- even if you’ve been “just a mom” for years

  • The Conquer and Thrive roadmap -- a step-by-step plan to uncover what lights you up and earn income doing what you love without missing out on time with kids



This is where you learn to make an impact beyond your family while doing what you love. You’ll discover:

  • How to find your “heck yes!” person -- the one who would happily pay you to work with them (be it a client, customer, or employer)

  • The “firestarter” script to get your first client, customer, or student -- so you can get paid to help others doing what you love

  • The “sprint” system to rapidly build an audience and get a steady stream of clients/customers eager to work with you (These Sprints bring in thousands of dollars a month for my business)

  • How to reinvent yourself overnight -- and how to earn income by helping others overcome the struggles you’ve faced in your life

  • How to earn income doing what you love most -- even if you don’t have special skills or knowledge. (Whether you want to launch a business, get a job you love, become a coach, or whatever else, we’ll show you 7 “out-of-the-box” ways to earn a steady income doing work you enjoy)

DAY 3:

Redesign Your Life

Discover how to balance family time with “you” time -- so you can do what you love while still keeping time with your kids your #1 priority. You’ll discover

  • Your Ideal Day -- Get clear on what a perfect day would be for you -- so you can start to make it happen

  • The 90-Day Action Plan to live your ideal life in as little as 3 months! (This is how I built a successful business from home even though I can be a hot mess :))

Ideal Week-web
  • How to balance pursuing your passions with a busy family life (hear real life stories from moms who did it. LIke Galikali, who went from being unable to find 5 minutes to go to the bathroom to working 30 hours a week at a job she loves)

What a few of our 200+ past attendees have to say:

“[Ignite] was amazing!”

unnamed (6)
unnamed (6)

“I joined Ignite so I could find what lights me up… and I got what I came for”

unnamed (5)

Her 9-Year-Old joined her for Ignite


“We are dreaming again!”

unnamed (4)

“Thank you… for helping us see it IS possible to reach our dreams!”

pasted image 0 (1)

“Outstanding and Inspiring…”

unnamed (2)

How Ignite Works

Ignite runs from 10AM CST to 5PM CST June 24-26. And we’ll mix in breaks so your eyeballs don’t fall out staring at a screen all day.

You’ll also get an Ignite workbook complete with the major lessons and exercises for each day. So you can take notes and start applying what you learn.

And we’ll also have several breakout rooms throughout the weekend. This is a safe, judgement-free zone and a great chance to connect with other mamas and get feedback on your ideas. 

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You’ll also get to join me and my coaches for Q&A sessions. So you can ask questions and go deeper into the material.

And you’ll hear success stories from moms like you who found their spark and shared it with the world:

Mock Ups
  • Like Kylie, who works from home teaching yoga to kids and earns a steady income from it (her kids even help her make her yoga videos!)

  • Or Galikali, who went from not even having 5 minutes to go to the bathroom because her kids would start fighting… to working 30 hours a week at a job she loves

  • Or Amanda, who started a business creating and selling jewelry with her kids

We’ve got moms writing books, painting portraits, selling jam with their kids and much, much more.
Here’s what a few moms have done thanks to Ignite:

Got the gig as a wedding planner!

unnamed (11)
unnamed (11)

Creating a book of songs while spending time with 16-month-old grandson

unnamed (8)

Helping a nonprofit get more visibility

unnamed (10)

Consulting business has been growing “by leaps and bounds”

unnamed (9)

“Started writing my first book”

unnamed (6)

Plus $491 in free bonuses!

We are going all-out for this live event.

You’ll get dozens of lessons, exercises, worksheets, and more…

If you order your ticket today, you’ll also get these 3 special bonuses to help you free up your time (so you can attend the event without your kids destroying your home), find your passion and build your confidence. Let me share them with you now..


Three Day Get-Away Live Workshop ($197 value)

If you’re thinking, “How on earth am I gonna get 3 days away from my kids when I don’t even have time to take a shower,” you’re going to love this!

In this 3-day get-away pack, you get a step-by-step plan so you can step away from your family for up to 3 full days without your house burning down. 

During this workshop, you get:

Sales Page Mockups (3) sm
  1. An activities list to help keep your kiddos occupied while you discover and ignite your Spark (so you know they’re happy and cared for while you care for yourself)
  2. A weekend mealtime prep guide to keep yourself and the kids from becoming ‘hangry’ and erupting into meltdowns
  3. Routines and schedules so you can take a few hours for yourself -- even if your partner and family aren’t on board
  4. Private Q&A with me and my coaches to help you make time to join us for this 3-day event

This is based on the same plan I created with my family so I could disappear for a weekend to write my book. (When I got back I learned they enjoyed their little break.)

The moms on our team use these strategies every day to work from home without missing out on time with their kids. 

This workshop is on June 11th at 3 CST. 

You’ll want to join Ignite before then to get access to this Live workshop. (If you join Ignite before June 11th yet can’t make the workshop we’ll send you the recording.)


101 ‘Idea Sparkers’ ($97 value)

Not sure what your passion is? You’ll love this: 

We reached out to moms in our community and beyond to come up with 101 ‘Idea Sparkers’ for you. These are out-of-the-box careers, past-times, and hobbies that can help you instantly identify what you’re passionate about and the impact you want to have.

Sales Page Mockups

Instant Confidence ($197 value)

Over and over, I hear moms say, “I’d like to pursue my passion, but I just don’t think I can do it”.

We know stepping out is hard. 

That’s why we are including a special training designed to boost your confidence. So you can go from doubting yourself to knowing you CAN DO IT.

Whether you want to go back to school, start a business, write a book, or pursue whatever passion you have, you’ll silence that inner critic and feel every fiber of your being driving you to do it!

Recap of everything you get

  • Live Q&A Sessions ($497)
  • Real Time Implementation ($197)
  • Interactive Breakouts and Accountability ($197)
  • Roadmap to Create Your Out-of-the-Box Life ($297)
  • Private Community of Like-minded People ($297)
  • The Best of an In-person Event Without Having to Leave Your Home (Priceless)

All this together is $788, but you won’t pay anything near that...

Save 88% with The Early-Bird Discount!

Since we just finished the Find Your Spark Challenge, we are running a special deal where you can get all of this for 88% off.

You can get everything you see above for just


As the event gets closer, we plan to raise the price back up to $297. 

So grab your ticket now before the price triples.

Here’s what more moms have achieved through Ignite:

Helping busy moms lose weight

unnamed (3)

“One step closer to my passion”

unnamed (4)

Writing a book and sharing her story

unnamed (1)

“Quit my job… [and] found the courage” to follow her Spark

ignite testimonial

Madeline helps parents solve conflicts with their kids through drawing

unnamed (5)

Helping people declutter their homes

unnamed (2)

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem. We don’t expect everyone to make it for every single moment. That’s why we are giving you a workbook that has a lot of the key lessons inside.

You’ll also have an entire community of moms to lean on. Last time people did recaps of the different sessions for anyone who missed them. You can simply post in the Facebook group asking for lessons that you missed, and there will be a flood of answers from moms happy to help you.

You can get recordings of Ignite by upgrading to a VIP pass. Purchase your regular ticket below, and then you’ll get the chance to upgrade on the checkout page.

Upgrading to VIP also gets you special access to private Q&A’s during Ignite. You get to come behind the velvet rope and ask my coaches any questions you have.

That’s great!

We’ll help you hone in on what you want your life to look like. Then we’ll help you find the right way to balance those passions to create the life you want.

For example, some passions may be better for earning money than others. If you decide that’s your goal, we’ll help you work out which one to pursue -- or how to combine them so you can get paid to do what you love.

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, bestselling author of two parenting books and founder of Lemon Lime Adventures.

Years ago, I quit my teaching job because my son was having meltdowns so bad he got kicked out of multiple schools.

All my time was spent taking care of him and my other kids. Every day felt the same -- get up, homeschool my son, clean, cook dinner, do it all again tomorrow… I had this nagging desire for something more.


I wanted something that was all my own. Something that would help me make a positive impact on the world.

I started a Facebook group where moms with challenging kids could support one another. 

Helping other moms who were struggling like I was lit me up. It pulled me out of depression and gave me something to look forward to each day.

Over many years, that group grew into a successful business. I’m able to help parents all over the world and earn income that gives me the freedom to say “yes” more.

Just the other day, I was able to say “yes” to private dance lessons for my daughter when her anxiety was so bad she couldn’t go to the group class. 

And I did all this while keeping family my #1 priority. I’d work on my computer next to my kids and be there for them anytime they needed to talk, cuddle, or get help with homework.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of moms find what lights them up -- and to pursue what they love while still spending as much time as they want with their kids.

  • Like Alison, who went from having zero time for herself to spending Saturday nights having “girls night” with her friend
  • Or Erin, who conquered her own challenges around homeschooling her kids and now helps other parents do the same
  • Or Jessie, who turned her love for doodling into income to support her family

And dozens more.

You’ll hear stories of moms like these and get the steps they used to make it happen inside Ignite.

Click the button below, and I’ll see you inside!