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Wednesday, June 16

Discover How These Amazing Moms 
Are Changing The World Doing What They Love…
And How You Can, Too

Hear from 21 big-hearted, mission-driven women that include:

Kim Walsh Phillips

(Founder, Powerful Professionals)

The founder of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000 and is an MBA-free self-made millionaire.

Kristy Forbes

(Autism and Neurodiversity Support Specialist)

Helps families create joyous and unconventionally extraordinary lives

Thembi Bheka

(Founder, Virtual Staff on Demand)

Helps African women from abusive backgrounds work as technical virtual assistants

Rachel Miller

(Founder, Moolah Marketing)

Helps businesses grow their audiences

Jennifer Priest

(Digital Marketing Strategist)

Helps businesses grow using Pinterest.

Amy McLaren

(CEO, Village Impact)

Built 14 schools that helped educate 5,000 students in Kenya

Kelley Schaefer

(Creator, The Concierge Academy)

Helps women build service based businesses

Joy Anderson

(Founder & CEO of Preschool System)

Helps moms create preschools from their home

Sandy Austin

(Executive Director of B.I.O.N.I.C)

Helps students in tough situations avoid spiraling into suicide ideation

Juliana Ong

(Founder, Stories at Play)

Helps parents support their children to reach their full potential through play

Sarah Sproule

(Sexuality Educator)

Helps parents build deeper connections with their kids by having conversations about sensitive topics

Morgan Gist MacDonald

(Founder & CEO, Paper Raven Books)

Helps people write, publish, and market their books

What is the Find Your Spark Summit?

A fun, inspiring, 1-day virtual event for moms 
who want to help others and make an impact
doing what they love

  • Use skills you already have to make an impact helping others

  • Earn a steady income doing what you love (and work on your terms)

  • Create an out-of-the-box life you love (find your “Spark” and share it with the world while still being an incredible mom)

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Hear from experts who can help you:

  • Work for amazing companies

  • Create digital and physical products that change lives

  • Start a charity

  • Build inspiring communities

  • Become a coach

  • Run a nonprofit

  • Start freelancing

  • Scale a business with social media

  • Write a book

  • Become a virtual assistant

  • Build online courses

  • Build a successful online business from your home

You know you were meant for something more...

...yet you’re not sure what that is. 
Whenever you get an idea of what that could be, it quickly fizzles out. 
You lose confidence, you doubt yourself, life gets in the way… 
If you’re ready to help others doing what you love, this summit is for you.
You’ll learn from incredible moms who are changing the world doing what they love.
These women have big hearts, big passion, big missions and are making an impact in a multitude of ways.
They’ll help you spark your ideas for what you can do.
And you’ll get the confidence and drive to make a positive impact doing what you love -- while becoming an even better mom for your kids.

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Get support and encouragement from moms like you!

You don’t have to do it alone. You’ll connect with hundreds of moms who will support and inspire you every step of the way.

They’ll have your back and help you create an out-of-the-box life for you and your family.

These moms found their spark, so can you:

First ever invoice for €1,000

unnamed (7)

Got the gig as a wedding planner!

unnamed (8)

“I was hired to do my Spark”

unnamed (9)

Consulting business has been growing “by leaps and bounds”

unnamed (12)

“Quit my job… [and] found the courage” to follow her Spark

louie l

Creating a book of songs while spending time with 16-month-old grandson

unnamed (11)

Madeline helps parents solve conflicts with their kids through drawing

unnamed (5)

Helping a nonprofit get more visibility

unnamed (10)

“Started writing my first book”

unnamed (6)

Writing a book and sharing her story

unnamed (1)
kerri i

Helping busy moms lose weight

unnamed (3)

Helping moms with homeschooling...


Helping people declutter their homes

unnamed (2)

“My vision is already becoming my reality”

unnamed (4)

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