"You deserve to be as in love with your family as you want to be."

Alison Cossette

overwhelmed, spouse not on board

I'm Alison Cossette. So I went back to my very first post in CTC and it started with the words I'm suffocating and went on from there. We were living in a world of constant meltdowns and cursing, I was always exhausted and overwhelmed and ready to give up. But I didn't. And the reason that I didn't was because Calm the Chaos was able to give me and my family a fighting chance. It allowed us to connect and see the best parts of each other again. It taught me how to be a better mother. I mean, I knew that I loved them and I was trying to share my values with them but they couldn't hear me. They just didn't hear me. They didn’t hear the love I had for them. They didn't here the values that I have that I was looking to share with them. My husband wasn't on board.

But I want to share with you one of my most recent posts, which was a video of me with my son, my youngest son, who has ODD and ADHD. He was talking about his superpowers and what it's like to be like him, which isn't like everybody else and how he has advantages. He was able to see what's special about him. He was able to see all those really lovely things that I see in him. We got to share it together.

So if for no other reason, you want to do CTC because it takes you from suffocating to thriving. Really, you just get to love each other the way that you always wanted to. I am eternally grateful for Dayna and everyone at Calm the Chaos and all the other moms and parents that are part of it. Cause you can't get through any of it without them. It’s the community that has changed my life in so many ways That's my story. I hope that you all join too, because you deserve to be as in love with your family, as you want to be.

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