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39 moms share how they went from struggling to thriving with their kids

Mom and Young Daughter Move Past Constant Anger to a More Peaceful Home

“I hurt and I knew that she was hurting, too. And ctc has helped so much. By giving me the tools, and giving me tools to give her as well.”

Angie Callister

"Feeling like we're not alone, that we aren't the unique case, the outlier that no one will ever figure out how to deal with - that was a huge deal for us."

Melissa and Daniel Haight

Mom and Daughter Turn Their Fighting Into Harmony and Teamwork

"It’s like I had a bunch of different pieces to a puzzle that just weren’t going together. From the very first (CTC) video I knew we had found a program that was going to work for us. We saw drastic changes even within the first week of the program. Our life is unrecognizable now from a year ago; we have made such leaps and bounds of progress."

Tamara & Hannah

She Felt Ignored And Targeted, But a Huge Shift Gave Her Family a Fresh Start

I was a chronic yeller, and I was constantly in overwhelm. Through CTC I learned that I was using tools that I grew up with that weren’t the best, because that’s what I knew. The framework literally changed our lives. Now I have a toolbox and a community, and a framework that I can apply in all the situations. And our family has a lot of trust and communication where we didn’t before.

Cassandra House-Hanowell

"We understand our children better, and they feel more comfortable being themselves and exploring the world around them."

Theresa Gilbert

A Concussion Wiped Out Her Patience With Her Kids, But This Mom Found Ultimate Support With a Like-Minded Community

"I’ve taken courses by Ross Greene, Dan Seigel, the Happily Family conference, read so many books, but it was the CTC course that brought it all together for me. (CTC) took all the (expert) teachings together into a community that was supportive, and I felt held. So even though I could flip my lid and lose my cool, I knew I had a soft place to land."

Rebekka Wallace Roy

Foster Mom Goes from "World War 3" to Problem-Solving Connected Family

"I had a feeling it was going to have an impact on our family, and man, has it had an impact! It’s getting better all the time. Our boys are more attached now than they were a year ago, they are happier, they laugh more, they come to us when things are not going well, they let us help them work through problems a lot more, and I’ve just really enjoyed watching them blossom."

Stephanie Linde

Constant School Calls to Calm and Supported for Life

"CTC is a lifestyle - you change the way you parent. The best thing for me is the support that you get. I have met some AMAZING women that just blow me away every day. That’s the main thing for me. You just feel so supported; you feel like someone’s got your back. You feel like you’ve found your group that will be there when you’re having your toughest days. I’m so incredibly happy that I found them."

Carol Quoi

Mom of 4 From Feeling Like A Failure to Confidence and Hope

"I didn't know what impact (CTC) would have on my life and my heart. I felt like a failure, like my kids were giving me a hard time. I had no clue what to do. I’m not yet the parent I want to be, but I know I’m not a failure, I’m a good mother. I see my progress, and I understand my kids better. I still often don’t know what to do, but I know there’s a tiny step I can make to get a little bit further."

Cecilia Wie

This Mom of 9’s New Foster Kids Challenged Everything She Knew About Parenting - So She Worked Through The Struggles to a Much Calmer Family

"After multiple doctors appointments and therapy appointments, we just weren’t getting the answers we needed. Because of CTC I’ve gotten our family back, our lives back. We can go to the park, we can do things together as a family, we can have fun. We are still a work in progress, but we are getting there."

Kim Skabelund

She Was on the Brink of Giving up, But Found Big Results and Changed Her Story

"About 6 months ago I got to crisis point. Family life was chaos. I spent every morning crying in the shower, and every night curled up, bawling my eyes out. Now I look for what’s underneath the behavior. And I haven’t cried in 4 weeks. Now I have hope for the future. I enjoy spending time with my family. I’ve changed my story. I wished I’d had this 10 years ago."

Danielle Duarte

Homeschooling Mom of 4 Goes From Constant Chaos to Hope & Empowerment

"There was constant chaos in our house. I thought, what’s the point? How am I ever gonna change this? I now have hope. I have a plan of how to help my family. I feel empowered - I feel like I can do this."

Christy Lewno Blair

"Monkey Brain" & Overwhelm to Calm and Connected

"I found concepts in CTC that were useful from day 1 that were key to calming the chaos in my family."

Kylie Bartolo Cassar

From Yelling 80% of the Time to Remaining Calm 80% of the Time

"I took a leap of faith - trust me, it was a hard decision; I almost didn’t join. But I put my future into a bigger idea of myself. I used to end up yelling about 80% of the time. Now I’m down to 80% of the time I can stay calm. This is a HUGE win for me. CTC has not only helped me become a better parent, but now? I feel like I’m a better person in general."

Holly Ferguson

Mom of 3 goes from Emotionally Exhausted to Supported and Understood

"The most wonderful part about the program is the team and the community. These people are so supportive and they understand your struggles and they’re there for you. We’re more prepared, more proactive, we’re more connected, and we have more understanding of what’s going on. "

Kimberly Olsen

Parenting Mindset Shift Gave this Mom of 2 Year Old The Confidence She Was Missing

"Things are a lot calmer, my daughter’s a lot happier, I’m a lot happier. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve tried a lot of things and got my money back."

Sarah O'Flaherty

Dramatic Transition From Constant Meltdowns and Misery to Calm and Confident

"Before I came to CTC things were extremely unmanageable. My son would have meltdowns that would last hours. The most amazing thing about this is the support is unsurpassed. Now we have almost no meltdowns. We are able to stay calm in the moment almost 95% of the time. I feel so much more confident and so much more empowered as a parent than I ever have before."

Katrina Teeter

This Mom Battled Panic Attacks When Her Autistic Son Started Biting and Hitting, But Now She is Celebrating Their Awesome Progress

"This has really changed things for us. I have so much hope that things will continue to get better. I’ve not had a full-blown panic attack since I started Calm the Chaos. Before I felt so out of control, and now I feel confident."

Sarah Kelly Matichuk

She Challenged Her Old Parenting Beliefs and Found Her Whole Life Dramatically Improved

"I joined the program and I learned a bunch of new skills - I use it in every aspect of my life. I’ve taken things I’ve been carrying on my shoulders for a long time, and I’ve been able to release it. I wasn’t expecting that from this. I’m just lighter. I’m a different person"

Peggy Gwyn

She Found Her Parenting Confidence After Not Socializing For Fear of Meltdowns

"Tonight our whole family, all 6 of us stayed out late. 6 months ago we wouldn’t have thought of staying out this late. The carnage and meltdowns we would anticipate for days afterward would have been too much. The things that have allowed us to branch out and be social and build the kind of community that we need when we’re raising an out of the box kiddo has been a game changer."

Jessica Ryals

"We used to have about 80-20, maybe even 95-5 hassle to harmony- it was like a hurricane. Now I would say it's more like 80% harmony."

Corinne Clements/Scurr

Angry, Desperate Mom of Boys Finally Finds Solutions to Build Family Harmony

"I didn’t really think it could work, but I desperately needed help. It was CTC that turned my beliefs on their head. Now we’re not at war anymore; we’re a team."

Galikali Elanor Rooney

They Replaced Daily Violent Meltdowns And Yelling With Connection and Trust

"We had violent meltdowns sometimes multiple times daily, and some of those were my meltdowns. I didn’t like the sound of my voice, and I don’t think my kids did either. It was amazing to see the change in my son, especially when he learned to trust me. Our lives are so different - the meltdowns are few and far between, and the ones we have are shorter and less severe. "

Christine Ewin

Adoptive Mom Felt Alone, Until She Found Her Lifeline

"I read all the best books and went to all the doctors, and I felt alone. I found CTC about a year ago and was ready to try anything at that point. Every day is not perfect, yet we’re able to see beyond the behavior and see it as communication. CTC has been a lifeline."

Vicki Tacoma

She Battled School Refusal, Meltdowns, and Staying Home to Successful Outings and Even an Upcoming Vacation

"Days were filled with school refusal, hour-plus meltdowns, staying home instead of going to events. Meltdowns have decreased to 0-1 a day, and I’m scared to think of where my family would be without CTC, and this year, we’re even going to Disney! "

katie Walz

From Rock Bottom to Positivity Thanks to the Community

"It’s been absolutely remarkable the changes we’ve been able to make. We have far fewer behaviors. We had an incident last week and it really felt like rock bottom. The first thing I did was go to the community - I had a community to go to! I was just so happy that the framework works."

Christine Meske

Total 180 From Ready to Give up on Parenting to Enjoying Being With Her Kids

"I felt like a complete failure as a mom. I was done. CTC has literally changed the way I think about my kids and parenting. I can say I love hanging out with my children, and a year ago that was not the case."

Amanda Warren

Single Mom of 7 Year Old With SPD and Autism Took a Leap of Faith and Found Her Community

"Before CTC I was flying by the seat of my pants. Since CTC we make a plan, we have tools, and I’m able to read (my daughter) better."

Ellon Dougan

Alone and Not Finding Answers Anywhere Else, Mom of 4 Found a New Way of Life in CTC

"CTC is a way of life; the best part of this is the community. Every person that’s in this community has your back. If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that you are not alone."

Evelyne Carbonneau

SIngle Adoptive Mom Couldn’t Find Lasting Results Until The Huge Mindset Shift She Got From CTC

"I felt like a failure because my son was not okay, and I felt like I was not a good mom. I felt like my family was in turmoil. I owe Calm the Chaos for bringing me and my son back together in a happy, healthy home."

Shaunda Efaw

"CTC has meant a huge amount of progress for me and my kids. My husband said, you know, it works, and I just need to get on board and follow."

Jenny Binsfeld

Mom’s Leap of Faith Gives Her the Supportive Community That Helps Her Move Forward

"CTC means seeing the angel everyone, leaving the beaten path, leaps of faith, study, reflection, and goal-setting."

Gerogia Buchert

Feeling Like a Failure After Trying Everything, This Adoptive Mom Discovered How to Help the Scary, Destructive Behaviors

"Each new parenting hack I tried and failed made me question what I was doing wrong. When I heard about CTC it seemed too good to be true, but I went ahead and joined. Since CTC, we still have bad days, but we have a road map to follow, a support system to cheer us on.'

Amy Silverthorn

She Was Ready to Walk Away, But Turned Her Chaotic Family Life Around

"3 months in (to CTC), my 4 year old said, “Daddy could you do what Mommy’s doing?” because she had seen a difference in me without really knowing. We aren’t perfect, but we now have the tools and tricks and peace of mind to love and build this family together and write our own journey."

Justeen Pierce

By Working at Her Own Pace She Saw Big Positive Changes Through Embracing the Small Steps

Rachel was reluctant to pay for yet one more parenting resource, and enrolled in CTC without telling her husband. She’s slowly gotten her kids and husband on board, and they have seen big changes as a family.

Rachel Le

Ludmilla Eydt

Karen Suttie

An Older First-Time Mom Starts to See Immediate Results With Her Defiant, Aggressive Son

"I came across the CTC free workshop. Immediately I saw a change in my son - because I stopped focusing on his behaviors and what he was doing TO me, and realized that he was communicating he needed help. I started seeing that amazing little boy that I saw when he was just a baby."

Amy Gallagher

Amanda Fry

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