"The part of CTC that I disliked in the beginning is what has saved me."

Cecilia Wie

Parental anxiety, mindset shift

When I signed up for the 90 day a year ago, I didn't know anything about the CTC program. The only thing I knew was that I'd seen Dayna, she'd spoken on my Facebook and she just reached my heart. She knew exactly what I was struggling with. And I knew that she had something to offer that I needed.

And when I signed up, I thought it was Dayna I needed.  I need YOU Dayna. And then she had a team and I was supposed to trust the team. I wasn't prepared for that, but of course I got to know the team and they were amazing and I trusted them. But then there was a community as well. I was supposed to trust the whole community of people who were struggling like me or in similar ways. And  that was really difficult for me. I thought, no, that's not for me, but by the end of the 90 days, I was in love with the community as well. And the following six months have been a struggle. Sometimes I've had moments. We all have moments where we feel like we don't know where to turn, or at least I used to have those moments. And when I have those, now I know where I can turn. And that is to the community. The part of CTC that I disliked in the beginning is what has saved me. I can always show up there, even if I haven't supported them a long time.

They remember me. And even those who never saw me, they show up as well. And they all show love and support and they lift me. They've reminded me of the things that I've forgotten that I need now, that is such a valuable thing. And I'm so grateful for it.

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