"He was able to empower me to help solve the problem at school."

Christine Meske

Aggressive meltdowns, School Struggles

I'm Chris. I have a super kid who is in first grade. We joined back in September. We were only about three weeks until the school year. And I was getting some of the most horrifying reports from school kicking, spitting, heading, running out of the classroom. I knew, I mean, I knew he had anxiety and I knew about a lot of his struggles. I had known long enough that I hadn't been able to see him through the lens of a kid who struggled, but it was how to deal with those struggles where I struggled and I waited until about the last minute, but the window was open for the Calm the Chaos program, but that doesn't matter I got in. And I can tell you that it's absolutely been remarkable. What the changes we've been able to make. We actually have far fewer behaviors. Our behaviors happened mostly at school. I've asked about school and in the community. And I would say that one recent incident is probably the most telling. the best story of how CTC has helped our family. We had an incident last week and it really felt like rock bottom. I, it just it's not. But when I, first thing I did is I went to the community. I had a community to go to. I had a support system because I was reeling and there was just nobody in my personal life that I even wanted to share these things with. So I went to the community and immediately I had several responses, including Dayna that changed my outlook on the whole incident. And I was able to go forward and turn that whole thing into a positive. First of all, I remembered how to connect with my son. I was able to talk with him until I could understand what led to the incident. You know, he's not the greatest at advocating for himself. We're still working on that. So empowering him can be a little hard, but he was able to empower me to help solve the problem at school. It was the subject he hates. He was starting to dread it every single day. And I was able to talk to the teacher and figure out a way. Just like that, the next day I went back to school and they worked with him and he was able to get through the day without too many incidents. I was just so happy that the framework works. It’s hard to work with school, but we talked about sprinkles in the framework. I give them sprinkles of the framework. I do all the legwork of the understanding and the problem solving and I just send it in bite sized pieces that they can process and understand and try. As long as they're trying it, it seems to work. Anyway, I thank you so much for following my story.

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