"I've developed a little bit of a thick shell when sharing things but this community is phenomenal."

Mel Sgoi

aggressive meltdown, Parental anxiety

Hi I’m Mel. How has Calm the Chaos changed my life? Well for one there were tantrums, name calling, yelling, screaming, hurting others, each other, arguing, fighting. And I can truly and honestly say that it was not always my children that were participating in these activities. I was just as guilty.
The second way that CTC has helped me is myself. I was never one to be vulnerable. I had many instances where I would wear my heart on my sleeve and I would be hurt by it because somebody would be mean, take that information and use it against me. So I've developed a little bit of a thick shell when sharing things. But this community is phenomenal. It's really helped me to open up. I'm learning how to love myself again which is, in turn, helping me to teach my children.
I have three children (9, 6, 1) and it's helping, especially with my nine year old, who shows a lot of similarities to my personality at her age. She has a lot of the problems and thoughts that I had. I'm able to learn how to love myself so I can set a better example for her. As well as my six year old, who I originally joined for because she is a very strong person and we bumped heads a lot. I was getting tired of dealing with it. I got to the point where I felt like I needed outside help because I had no clue how to deal with her personality, her outbursts, the struggles we were having.
I came across CTC and to be honest at first,I wasn't sure if I wanted to lay out the money. I have a hard time with that because my husband especially is not open to spending money on things. He doesn't see it as necessary but I really felt it was necessary. I ended up saving up my own money to do it. And let me say, I am so blessed and happy that I did. It has been such a game changer and I am so excited moving forward. I want to be a part of Calm the Chaos because it truly has helped me to be not only a better parent, but it's helped me. I'm looking forward to it helping my relationship with my spouse. And it right now has been helping me love me and become who I'm meant to be and be connected to myself besides just my family.